Scardy Cats

I find it quite humorous and yet annoying at the same time that men online can’t seem to get into the real world.  I swear I keep getting these jokers who email me on my dating sites who just seem too chicken to call or date. 
They’ll email me, I email them back.  Then they email me back and then I email them back.  Usually after 2 to 3 email exchanges, if I feel at least somewhat or a lot interested, I’ll give them my number right away and tell them to call me.  I don’t like wasting a lot of time on cheesy emails or chat.  It seriously is a big waste of time.
But there are a handful of these assclowns who don’t call.  They keep emailing after I give my number.  ????  So…. I’ll do it yet again after that email and give my number a second time and tell them to call.  Then they email me again.  What part of “call me” do you not understand?  The initial emails break the ice but talking on the phone is a much better indicator if the two people are going to hit it off.  Then that moves to either a date or a no thanks.  Again, I don’t like my time wasted or playing games.
It’s like they act like they didn’t even get that email from me.  They totally ignore that I gave my number.  They don’t mention it at all and continue to email me crap about their day or traveling or their appointments and errands.  I mean what the hell?  Get a pen pal dude!  I’m here to date.  You know, real life.
If after giving my number a 2nd time and they still email instead of call, it’s at that point I tell them to piss off.  In a nice way of course.  Sheesh.  What is the big freaking deal here???  Are you THAT chicken?  Grow a pair!  It’s only a phone call for chrimminey sakes.  I understand being shy or nervous but come on, quit hiding behind the interwebs.  I mean what the hell are you on a dating site for?
I got to hand it to the men that do call straight away.  I like that a lot.  They don’t bullshit around.  They’ll usually even call me that day or evening.  It’s usually these men that if I hit it off with on the phone, they are setting up a date with me by the end of that first phone call.  Again, I like that a lot.  And you know what else?  It’s attractive too.  It peaks my interest more.

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