But It’s Such a Greeeaaaaaat Company

This week at work they laid off 99% of the seasonal temporary help they just hired in November – 95% of them were cashiers.  Yeah.  Starting tomorrow and for the entire week is going to be the busiest shopping week of the year and all the “seasonal” temps got laid off.  Now you tell me how much sense this makes folks.  What was the freaking point of hiring these people if they were going to do this?  Yes, after Christmas, that makes sense but now??  Isn’t this why they were hired?
Now that means all the other existing employees who have OTHER job titles and responsibilities will have to be thrown on the cash registers WITHOUT training on a few days notice.  Double the work load, no extra pay, no training, etc.  Not too mention, we won’t have the staff out on the floor helping customers where they need to be.  So this is going to lead to longer lines and more hold ups, more mistakes, mad customers on the floor, mad customers in line and employees who are frustrated, tired and in a pissy mood too. 
Hell they could have saved themselves the trouble weeks and weeks ago by not hiring and then taking the time to TRAIN our existing employees.  At least they would have all been fully trained and got the practice. 
Yours truly will also be pulled away from her regular job responsibilities all week long to cash.  Now, I do it once a week and I was a cashier to begin with, so at least I know what I’m doing.  But I’m really not keen on doing this everyday during Christmas week when it’s not my primary job – especially when we hired temps to cover this in the first place.
I was told it was budget reasons and spending is down of course.  Ummmm….. well someone has their head up their ass because it cost them a hell of a lot of money just to even hire someone and put them through orientation.  The drug testing, the background checks, the time it took managers to do interviews and away from their duties, the paperwork and processing, the training, their badges, etc. etc.  I won’t even go into the complete fucking hell I went through the week I hired and orientated all these temps by myself!!!!  It costs more money for a company to do this than to keep the employee.  I KNOW what the hell I’m talking about too because my background is training!  This did not save money!  It cost them money.  And I can tell you “the spending is down” part is bs too… at least for our store, we have already done better this year than we did last year.
Not too mention how wonderful this was for the employees who were slapped in the face with this.  Yes, all of them knew it was seasonal work and they would go AFTER the holidays.  They were also told that a small handful would be kept on permanent because they do pick the best of the bunch to stay on.  So they at least had a fighting chance to become permanent.  But no…. your fired.  Merry Christmas!  How wonderful to do that to people a week before Christmas.  Some of them were crying and I felt for them.  I really, really did and do.  It angers me.
This decision was company wide across the board – not store to store.  So…. if you are a shopper of this place and you plan on doing your crappy last min. shopping there, you better be prepared for long, slow lines.  You should also keep in mind not to take it out on the employees or even the Store or Regional Managers as they had no part in this.  This was CORPORATE. 
Something else I find interesting is I can’t find any news stories on this.  Why is that?  Did find people talking about here though.
On another little side note rant – this 24/7 store was suppose to close on Christmas Eve at 6:00 pm.  Word came down from above in an email that we are now going to be open till 8:00 pm because “statistics show from previous Christmas Eve’s that we do our best business in the last two hours and we want to make our customers who like to do last min. shopping happy.”  That’s a direct quote.  So screw the employees who want to have dinner and spend time with their loved ones or go to church, etc.  All to make a buck for the people at the top.  My guess is next year we’ll extend till 10pm and the year after that till 12am.  And how long after that will Christmas day be off limits to employees too and this place will be open?
And this place worries about the union coming in?  Gee, I can’t imagine why.  I really can’t.

2 Responses to “But It’s Such a Greeeaaaaaat Company”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Cripes. It’s always about the bottom line.

    Our division employees haven’t been able to get any overtime this past year. It’s not for lack of money. Even in this economy we’re still making money. It’s the nature of utlitiy companies – duh, people need electricity, water, etc.

    BUT I just discovered that other divisions DO allow OT. HUH?!

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    Crap-head division director wants to look good to the board?! Oh, look at my division, we’re saving money…

    Meanwhile, we end up being short-handed during the day because we still have people that have to be on-call. But once they fulfill their 40 – they have to stay home…

    By the by – we got your Christmas card earlier this week – thanks! We’ll be sending a package to you tomorrow 🙂

    Dennis has the week after Christmas off, and I’m only getting new year’s eve off. So we’ll be staying home for Christmas this year. I think The Mominator is disappointed, but hey, that’s life.

    take care, Chica. I’ll try to give you a call this week.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I know Cindy, it makes no sense. I get that companies want their profits but ya know, maybe wal world needs to learn to take a small dent like the rest of America right now. Jeez.

    That’s cool you guys are staying home even if it’s because you have to work. Saves you money anyway and saves you travel headaches. lol

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