Fa Rar Rar Rar Rar… Rar Rar Rar Rarrrrrr……

Oh yes I only had to work 12pm to 4pm today.  A nice short day on the registers and home at a damn decent hour.  It was busy when I first jumped on and steady like that for about one an a half hours.  Then it slowed down.  I came back from a mere 15 min break and the lines were crazy and a bunch of people from other departments were on some registers.  It didn’t stop the rest of my shift.  It was non stop.
For the most part I was jammin and time was flying.  I was sweating my ass off because it’s always hot by the registers and it’s even worse lately and even hot throughout the store.  Good ole corporate controlled temperatures.
It was about 10 min till 4pm and I had a line just like everyone else.  Now, since it was a short shift and we had lines, I normally would volunteer to stay on later to help get the lines down.  But I wasn’t about to do that today.  The reason why is because I knew it wouldn’t even really make a dent.  If I would have stayed or not, the lines would only get worse and not better.  So yeah, I planned on leaving at my scheduled time. 
So in order to actually get out of there I have to not only 1) shut my light off and 2) put the register closed sign at the end of my line but also 3) I have to tell the last person in line they are the last person and to let anyone who tries to get behind them to pass on this information.  Because if I don’t do that, people sneak on the end of my line anyway.  And I have to say you people are douche bags for doing this.  They ignore the light off, they ignore the closed sign and just think, “oh she’s still ringing people up so I’ll tag on too”   And then another person does it, and another and another.  Uh…. no douche bags.  I’m closed after the next six cartfuls.  Sorry, but I have a fucking life too.  But still they try. 
Luckily the last woman in the line was a Wal World employee at the store location by my house so she totally got it and was on top of it.  Then one lady tried to tag on and she ignored the lady trying to tell her I was closed.  I then had to say loud so she could hear me that I was closed since she wasn’t listening to the other woman.  This beeyach had the nerve to give me a dirty look before she went on the next line.  Hey lady, I’m trying to end my shift because I’m scheduled to have a life at 4pm now, if I don’t I’ll be here till midnight because of douche bags like you who can’t understand my line is closed.  And if you really are going to get huffy because you don’t like long lines then don’t shop at Wal World and here is another concept, don’t shop at the last freaking min for Christmas.  So tough shit, I don’t feel sorry for you.  You are going to have to wait.
And now that I think about it…. What the hell ever happened to those ropes or chains that grocery stores used to have??????  Remember those?  A cashier used to have the ability to shut of their light, put up the closed sign AND take these long chains/ropes and clip them across the isle of their register which prevented others from coming through their register line.  What ever happened to those man???

2 Responses to “Fa Rar Rar Rar Rar… Rar Rar Rar Rarrrrrr……”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I was hoping your package would be waiting for you when you got home, but I just checked the USPS tracking and nope.

    Perhaps tomorrow.

    I think companies don’t want to be that “mean” to their customers – roping them out. But sheesh man, something needs to be done.

    I believe they are douche bags for not being better prepared – I mean Christmas comes every year on december 25th. People who wait til the eleventh hour should be shot.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    You are too nice sending me a package Cindy. You didn’t have to do that. Of course I’m still a kid and can’t wait to get it though!

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