I’m Officially Old. Either That or Officially An Idiot

There is this really weird thing I tend to be doing lately and for a bit of a while now.  I always seem to set items down in places that I know damn well I’m not going to find later when I will be looking for them.  I have no idea why I have been doing this.  Have you done this?  —— Say for example I’ll have my work badge in my pocket when I come home and instead of putting it in the usual two places when I’m done with it which is either my purse or the table with my phone… for whatever reason I set it on my desk or by the bathroom sink or in the kitchen. 
Then I’ll kind of have this mental note in my mind, “Now Martini Girl, will you remember it’s here later?”  “Yeah…” I’ll tell myself like a kid does.  Then of course guess what happens.  The time comes in the morning to go to work and the badge is not in it’s usual place and then I’m hunting high and low and cursing myself for being a jackass who convinced herself she’d remember where she put it.
This week it’s a check I got in the mail from my parents.  I set it somewhere and I remember asking myself if I will remember it here.  Of course now I cannot find it!!!!!  I’m losing my mind.  And don’t ask why I continue to do this crap.  I have no idea.  I have just started this behavior the last year and usually miss organized.  My habits and behaviors have changed so dramatically since being unemployed for two years.  It’s odd.  Very odd.  Maybe a shrink would be able to analyze it.

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