Random New Year’s Thoughts

Even though I’m tired I’m still up.  I guess I just don’t want to work tomorrow or the next day.  Of course that really doesn’t make much sense because staying up late will only make it harder to get up for that rat hole tomorrow.  I really wish I had my old job where I worked regular hours, days and got the holidays off.  It sucks. 
I have a splitting headache too and can’t find my Excedrin.  I ran out to the convenience store and they didn’t carry it either, so I grabbed Aleve since I’ve never tried that one.  Took two and over an hour later it hasn’t worked.  I want my Excedrin!  Wah!
My friend Audra called and invited me to go to that night club we went to out by Fort Huachuca.  They are having a masquerade new year’s party where they will give everyone little bottles of champagne and party favors and just sounded like all around fun.  She’s getting a hotel room to crash there too.  Of course I have to work new year’s day in the early morning so it’s a no-go for me.  This sucks.  It sounded like fun.  I should have planned this better and just requested to have these two days off weeks ago.
Last year at this time I was doing something that I wish I were doing again.  I wish that one most of all and that sucks the worst that I can’t have that again.  It sucks bad.
Barbi invited me over after work to hang with her and the relatives.  They are going to be doing board games and such, which actually sounds like fun too.  I just don’t know if I’ll feel too tired or not – I’ve felt so tired lately.  We’ll see how I feel I guess.
Maybe I’ll catch a bit of the Three Stooges marathon they will be having on the AMC channel. 
Funny, I never really cared much for New Year’s.  I never really went out to clubs or parties – once in a blue moon I would but most years I just stayed in and watched TV and went to bed.  This year is different.  The holiday has a new reminder of memories for me and on top of that I’m just tired of my situation in this economy and so it just makes it hard too.

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