Scrub My Brain

My gal pal Barbi was here last night.  Her and the fam-damily are in town for the holidays and she came by last night and spent the night.  We spent the whole day together today too.  It was so nice seeing her.  We thought about going out, but I opted for us to stay in which is funny because I’m usually in the mood to go out.  I think my schedule and working at the register has sucked up all my energy lately.
We watched some flicks, had some munchies and gabbed and gabbled all night.  Laughing and relaxing.  I don’t think we hit the sack till about 4am – just like old times – ha.  The next day we headed out to I-Hop and had some breakfast at noon.  Later picked up her teen and went to Ulta to look around.
Of course it was like old times like no time had passed and laughed our butts off.  We both still have very sick and twisted minds like no body else I know.  At one point she just randomly said, “I have such a filthy mind.  I need to just take out my brain and scrub it with hot soapy water.”  This was after conversations we had of molesting young men.  lol  On top of that she busted out this magazine and was dangling it in my face.  That’s just not a nice thing to do to a woman like me.
There was this….
And this….
And this….
Hell, just go here to see all the shots.  The two of us should be very ashamed of the things we were saying about this youngster, but we weren’t.  heh heh  We even talked about the youngest man I uh…. dated?  Yeah… that’s what you call it.  *grinning*  I’m pleading the fifth here though.

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