State of the Un-Union Tonight

Barry will give his State of the Union address tonight.  I’ll be watching it.  I want to see what this clown and his team have scrambled to re-write in the wake of these state elections with Republicans winning.  Winning in the most liberal states that is.  Huge messages being sent to these asshats running Washington from the people.  The people seem to be revolting against their beloved Messiah. 

Fred Thompson’s Wife is a Hottie

I have to say that I have always and still dig Fred Thompson.  I liked all the parts he has played in movies and I especially liked when he became a Republican Senator.  Funny how a lot of the Hollywood types that run for office are almost all Republicans and all the other actors/singers just whine and never run – they just protest everything.
Anyway I see him and his wife on Fox today talking to Neil Cavuto.  Every time I hear Fred, he makes sense.  He’s such a straight shooter.  He would have made a decent Prez.
On a side note here, da-yum… his wife is a purdy little thing.  I had never seen her before today.  I don’t think they have been married that long.  But of course the actors always get those young trophy wives don’t they?  On the flip side of that, she is smart too.  Another straight shooter.  I have never listened to their radio show, maybe I need to start.

The Most Depressing Day of the Year

This article says the most depressing day was on the 18th this year and this one predicted yesterday.  For me it was today.  I’m finally done in. 
The economy beat me.  It won.  Congratulations economy.  You won my career, my savings, my 401k, my stock, my health insurance, my car, my spirit, my confidence, my friends, my home pretty shortly along with my cat, independence and privacy.  It’s all gone.  All of it.  What’s next?  Cancer?  That’s the only thing left for the taking is my health and if you plan on going after that then kill me because I can’t take any more of this shit.
Going on 2 years and 3 months of this and I thought I was done with tears.  I was wrong.  I’ve been crying since 5pm.  At this moment that line from the movie as well as the title of it comes to mind, “They shoot horses don’t they?”

Come on Dude…. Really?

I always snicker every time I see how Barry ALWAYS speaks with a teleprompter.  I mean ALWAYS.  At every damn function.  He is the only U.S. President to do this.  It’s frightening, sad and pathetic all at the same time.
But this… this takes the cake….

Democrats Are Still The Biggest Cry Babies

You would think that these DemoRats in office would be sitting up and listening to the people of this country right now.  But they don’t.  They continue to IGNORE the people, plug their ears and go “lalalalalalalala.”  Even with these douche bags getting voted out one election at a time, they still continue with their shady deals, self absorbed agendas and just out right lies.  If Bill Clinton were in office right now (and I didn’t care for that draft dodger) he would be much smarter than this dummy in office. 
So now he’s all butt hurt over the recent supreme court ruling eh?  Get over it ass munch.  He has to get on TV everytime he disagrees with something and be a cry baby or wants to “sell” us something like it’s his damn campaign.  I’m sick of seeing his face on the TV.  The terms “ididot box” and “boob tube” have new meaning for me now.  And really, THIS is what he is focusing on???  Once again, ignoring the economy, the foreclosures, unemployment, etc.
Take a look at this brief video.  I like how he is stealing things from Scott Brown now.  Remember Brown’s thing of the “people’s seat?”  Barry now says, the “people’s house.” 
What I got a kick out of were quite a few comments left under the video.  Some of these had me nodding in total agreement and some even had me giggling.  There is no doubt in my mind this guy will for sure be a one term Prez.  Big time.  Unless he pulls some major magic out of his ass – but even if he does, will the people be fooled?  I don’t think so.
Here are some of the comments I pulled, but go read them all from the video link if you have some time to kill.

Is Your Favorite Color Brown?

I have to say that Scott Brown is indeed an interesting candidate running to take the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in the senate.  The guy seems pretty smart, open minded, conservative without being overly conservative and served in the military.  Speaking of, I thought it quite humorous the other day when Obama asked the question, “Has Scott Brown protected you?”  Um… well dumb ass he already has protected you by serving in the service.
MA is a total liberal valley, crawling with them.  What is interesting is that Kennedy’s hometown newspaper is endorsing Brown.  Wow.  A Kennedy territory going for a conservative?

Retardation is Back

Remember boring ball-less guy?  The one who contacted me on my dating site and when we’d talk on the phone I’d have to repeat myself over and over?  The one who would say he wants to take me out but then would never ask me out?  The one who was soooooo boring in his conversations?  Ugh.  It kept going like this back and forth.  I had finally sent him an email saying we should just go our separate ways and he agreed.  Then…. some time later he sent me ANOTHER email and attempt to talk with me.  Same old cycle.  I finally just didn’t answer his last email and blocked him from my account and from ever contacting me again.
So… that ended back in May I think.  Now all of the sudden I get another “Hi, how have ya been?” email from this jackass today.  Yeah, he got a new profile so he was able to email me now.  He kept the same username but just changed the year to 2010 on the end.
WTF?  I tell you go away in a nice way.  That doesn’t work so I have to block you.  Now you get a new profile and start emailing me again????  God, go away.  Take the hint.  This guy seriously has a memory problem or something. 
Yeah, I’m blocking him again on his new profile.  His emails are pretty innocent and rated G.  He’s never inappropriate but come on dude!  What part of “let’s go our separate ways” or being blocked from contacting me don’t you understand here?  Hopefully he’ll take the hint this time.  If he doesn’t, then there is going to be a real issue here.