The More I Think About It…..

The more I get mad.  I’m talking about that assclown who tried to blow up the airplane on Christmas day.  The terrorist – not extremist.  *sigh*  When our former AZ Governor, who is now, quite laughable the head of Homeland Security said “everything worked” that had to be the biggest and most asinine statement of the year 2009.  NO, it did NOT work Janet because yeah, a terrorist made it on the plane with a freaking bomb!!!  They almost blew up the plane!!!  Can you imagine if that plane blew up???  Can you just imagine?  On Christmas day. 
Can you imagine being one of those passengers and getting off the plane knowing you were inches away from being killed by a terrorist on Christmas day in a most horrific way?  That you were not protected in post 9/11 times?  All I know is I would be PISSED.  Then that man-woman having the nerve to say that crap?  Yes, she did later apologize for it and realized her mistake but man…..  Can you imagine if Sarah Palin said something like that???
I know the system is not perfect and it never will be and something like this could have just as easily happened on Bush’s watch too.  The difference is Bush would have showed some emotion – he would have been pissed.  Obama just gets on TV and uses big fancy words and tries to be pleasing to everyone.  Show some emotion once in awhile Barry.  Slam a fist down on the podium in the middle of your speeches now and again, especially when something like this happens.
Hats off to the passenger who jumped the bomber.  Seriously.
Things like this get me thinking more and more why do we still not have video cameras on airplanes yet?  Why do we not have more air marshals on more flights?  Why does a guy on a watch list, who was reported by his own father by the way as being a terrorist make it on a plane?

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