Retardation is Back

Remember boring ball-less guy?  The one who contacted me on my dating site and when we’d talk on the phone I’d have to repeat myself over and over?  The one who would say he wants to take me out but then would never ask me out?  The one who was soooooo boring in his conversations?  Ugh.  It kept going like this back and forth.  I had finally sent him an email saying we should just go our separate ways and he agreed.  Then…. some time later he sent me ANOTHER email and attempt to talk with me.  Same old cycle.  I finally just didn’t answer his last email and blocked him from my account and from ever contacting me again.
So… that ended back in May I think.  Now all of the sudden I get another “Hi, how have ya been?” email from this jackass today.  Yeah, he got a new profile so he was able to email me now.  He kept the same username but just changed the year to 2010 on the end.
WTF?  I tell you go away in a nice way.  That doesn’t work so I have to block you.  Now you get a new profile and start emailing me again????  God, go away.  Take the hint.  This guy seriously has a memory problem or something. 
Yeah, I’m blocking him again on his new profile.  His emails are pretty innocent and rated G.  He’s never inappropriate but come on dude!  What part of “let’s go our separate ways” or being blocked from contacting me don’t you understand here?  Hopefully he’ll take the hint this time.  If he doesn’t, then there is going to be a real issue here.

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