Democrats Are Still The Biggest Cry Babies

You would think that these DemoRats in office would be sitting up and listening to the people of this country right now.  But they don’t.  They continue to IGNORE the people, plug their ears and go “lalalalalalalala.”  Even with these douche bags getting voted out one election at a time, they still continue with their shady deals, self absorbed agendas and just out right lies.  If Bill Clinton were in office right now (and I didn’t care for that draft dodger) he would be much smarter than this dummy in office. 
So now he’s all butt hurt over the recent supreme court ruling eh?  Get over it ass munch.  He has to get on TV everytime he disagrees with something and be a cry baby or wants to “sell” us something like it’s his damn campaign.  I’m sick of seeing his face on the TV.  The terms “ididot box” and “boob tube” have new meaning for me now.  And really, THIS is what he is focusing on???  Once again, ignoring the economy, the foreclosures, unemployment, etc.
Take a look at this brief video.  I like how he is stealing things from Scott Brown now.  Remember Brown’s thing of the “people’s seat?”  Barry now says, the “people’s house.” 
What I got a kick out of were quite a few comments left under the video.  Some of these had me nodding in total agreement and some even had me giggling.  There is no doubt in my mind this guy will for sure be a one term Prez.  Big time.  Unless he pulls some major magic out of his ass – but even if he does, will the people be fooled?  I don’t think so.
Here are some of the comments I pulled, but go read them all from the video link if you have some time to kill.
“Sir, YOU are striking our Democracy. Two things, Love the title of the piece, “Your Weekly Address”…sorry A-Hole—return to sender. And the books on the end table behind this Marxist?. I suppose these props are to show how ‘well read’ this phony is, yes? So, what are the titles?..’rules for radicals’, “how to destroy the American economy when the Islamofasicts failed…”, ‘Horton hears a who?” and The Koran? FUBAR!!!”  Heh heh that was funny.
“They should just aim the camera at the teleprompter and scroll by the talking points. I’m getting tired of seeing this guy campaigning every other day.  First he declares war against American prosperity, now he’s against the first amendment?”
“our communist leader has come up against the realities of the American people.”
“That’s right, only ACORN and planned parenthood should be able to rig the elections to the last day.”
“He just can’t stand a level playing field can he? No leftist can abide not being given unfair advantages because they believe they are righteous. Well, guess what you spoiled Marxist brat – Everyone, EVERYONE – can give money and/or endorse a candidate or a party. Not just the media corporations – ALL corporations. Not just labor unions, but their bosses too. Not just Acorn, but the Heritage Foundation as well. DEAL WITH IT. It’s called Free Speech. How do you define ‘Democracy’? Limited speech for people you don’t like? The founders were protecting political speech when they wrote, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” It doesn’t say, ‘Unless you’re incorporated.’ Jerk.”  Well said.
“The reason Obama is crying foul is because the ruling “reestablishes” a level playing field into the political arena and also “reestablishes” a First Amendment right of FREE SPEECH that was hindered under the McCain/Feingold Campaign Reform Act amendment. Since Obama and his Administration are trying to gain control of the Airwaves, the Internet, and the Media (and American people’s lives in the process), in my opinion, he has once again shown his “true” colors by trying to condemn the United States Supreme Court’s decision to re-instate FREE SPEECH back into the political process in an untethered fashion. That’s because Obama, in my opinion, is a Mao/Fascist/Marxist loving (Muslim??) who no doubt hates America’s founding principles of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, as well as, the FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT of FREE SPEECH apparently. When Obama spends millions of his own money on lawyers to “hide” his original long form birth certificate from coming under public scrutiny as well as his academic and other vitally important personal records for the same reason, is it any wonder then why he would excoriate the Supreme Court’s decision to “re-instate” free speech and a ‘level’ playing field back into the political process? Nah, it’s just typical Obama that’s all. Obama is as Obama does… and is typical behavior for any other Socialist/Marxist too in my opinion. PATHETIC!!”
“He’s upset because the Supreme court decision weakens ACORN, SEIU and all other unions – they pour millions into electing Democrats and now Corporate America(businesses) will actually be able to level the playing field or actually dominate it. Instead of tilting the election field towards SEIU and ACORN…the field just got Flipped. Yipeeeeee~ Just quit BOWMAU!”
“Hey Barry!
Don’t you have something more important to do like say, I don’t know,…….. fix the damn economy?!!  Get a clue moron.”
“Bammy doesn’t seem to have any problems with the big drug companies and health care industry spending money to get out his message after cutting corrupt deals with the Democratic Party. He doesn’t seem to have any problem with corrupt unions taking their members dues and supporting the Democratic Party. He doesn’t seem to have any problem with General Electric using its resources to broadcast Keith Obermann, Tingley Mathews or Rachel Madcow. Bammy also doesn’t seem to mind the Public Broadcast Corporation or the New York Times Company The Washington Post, or any other liberal media company. Seems that Bammy only has issues with these evil corporations when they don’t agree with him.”
“Remember when candidate Obama reneged on his pledge to agree to public campaign financing if his opponent would do likewise? McCain called him on it, agreeing to the limitation, and Obama promptly reneged, claiming he had made no such commitment. This was because his fundraising was doing better than he expected when he made the pledge. So he wants political free speech for himself, but not for anyone else.  Whatever Obama deems a benefit to himself at the time, he’s for it, and vice versa. His promises mean nothing whatsoever.”
“Keep it up you Fabian Socialist, we are one moment closer to the second American Revolution and then all bets are off. People wake up this pig is killing our Democracy, if it doesn’t fit his Socialist agenda he sends in the crooks to stomp on the Constitution. If we make it to November I will be totally surprised.”
“Shut the piehole obama – we would give our right arms to hear you defend OUR COUNTRY, OUR MILITARY, OUR FREEDOM, ALL AMERICANS and ISRAEL the same way constantly attack all of the above. We would love just 72 hours at least to not have to listen to you or see you – please can we just have a vacation from you????”
“What a liar this fellow is! He has lobbyist all over his administration. He has made more deals than the lobbyists do. He had better get a grip on reality!! He has a big surprise coming in November 2010 elections!”
“Democracy? As in one party closed door meetings planning how to control 1/6th of our economy? Someone needs to flash the meaning of hypocrite on this empty suit’s teleprompter.”
“Hey Barry, Special interests and corporations? 1. George Soros – 2. ABC 3. NBC/MSNBC – General Electric, a Corporation 4. CBS – a Corporation 5. Unions – SEIU, Teamsters, NEA…etc  President Obysmal has gone postal cuz he knows that his own cronie leftist corporations now have competition. The thing he decries is the very thing that has given his Democratic party power and influence. Why do you suppose Obysmal hates FOX so much, and why lefties in general hate FOX? Cuz it’s the one news corporation that isn’t in lock step with the Liberal establishment. Bring it on Obysmal….bring it on!”
“the people’s house” What a load of garbage! Listen, fraudcake, trying to imitate Scott Brown will never work for you. Brown doesn’t have a proven record of LYING to his constituents. You do. Brown is made up of different stuff, like SUBSTANCE!”
“I don’t care if Biden winds up being our president. It would be worth it, as long as Obozo gets impeached. At least I know Joe Biden does love our country.”
“And yet another reason for corporations to leave America. You can tax them but deny them a voice. NICE OBAMA”  Well said.  Short and sweet but hits the nail right on the head.
“The first 20 seconds was a total lie fest. After that, the B.S. REALLY got waist deep!”  heh heh heh
“at least LIKES this country as it was constituted and not only comprehends the text book definition of American Exceptionalism but believes in it down to the core.  BO’s campaign was like a good trailer. if you watch enough movies and trailers you’ll understand that sometimes it’s a GREAT trailer, but the movie’s gonna suck. WAY too many people fell for the trailer and now, instead of getting a star wars of a president, we have a leonard part 6 of a president. >:(“   That was a great analogy.  Oh man.
“uh…DUHHHH!!! We have a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY big 0! I see you were brainwashed by fake history too. Oh wait–you guys are rewriting it, aren’t you?”
“Sorry Comrade Obama,  Hate to break it to you….but you haven’t taken over America just yet. We all know you are trying hard to turn us into a Communist Country, but there are still a few pesky problems to clear up first…those millions and millions of Patriots who are on to your Communist plan. Don’t ya just hate it when you see all of your evil schemes evaporating right before your eyes? Karl Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Moa would be very disappointed in you right now….allowing a bit of free speech to slip through.  We are on to you Obama, you and your Communist buddies, you and your Moa loving band of traitors. You are not going to take this country over with just a wave of your hand. Patriots are awake and fully engaged!   Your ranting and raving reminds me of Kruchef (spelling?) banging his shoe on the podium many years ago. Just keep it up you Communist creep… you just keep poking your stick in our cage.   Rubbing my hands together waiting for November to vote your croonies out…That means you ARLENE SPHINCTER! I’ve been waiting to vote you out of office for some time….counting the days to kick your as* OUT!!”

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