Fred Thompson’s Wife is a Hottie

I have to say that I have always and still dig Fred Thompson.  I liked all the parts he has played in movies and I especially liked when he became a Republican Senator.  Funny how a lot of the Hollywood types that run for office are almost all Republicans and all the other actors/singers just whine and never run – they just protest everything.
Anyway I see him and his wife on Fox today talking to Neil Cavuto.  Every time I hear Fred, he makes sense.  He’s such a straight shooter.  He would have made a decent Prez.
On a side note here, da-yum… his wife is a purdy little thing.  I had never seen her before today.  I don’t think they have been married that long.  But of course the actors always get those young trophy wives don’t they?  On the flip side of that, she is smart too.  Another straight shooter.  I have never listened to their radio show, maybe I need to start.

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