State of the Un-Union Tonight

Barry will give his State of the Union address tonight.  I’ll be watching it.  I want to see what this clown and his team have scrambled to re-write in the wake of these state elections with Republicans winning.  Winning in the most liberal states that is.  Huge messages being sent to these asshats running Washington from the people.  The people seem to be revolting against their beloved Messiah. 
The people are angry.  They want the economy fixed.  We need jobs!  And yet these people continue focus on crap that will do nothing to help our country.  All they do is spend, spend, spend, our money – the people’s money – yes, tax dollars that we work hard for.  They continue to lie and make deals with each other behind closed doors on some lame healthcare plan that won’t do jack but cost more money and red tape.  Government run programs are crap.  When will the average American Joe start to realize this?  There are already PLENTY of government programs in place that help people.  If you want more then your paycheck will get smaller and smaller as they tax, tax, tax.  It will continue to make Americans lazy and not improve their own situations.  It will also hinder commercial growth and competition in this country, that is not good.  Our country will fall behind and live in a time warp.  Look at Cuba.  Still stuck in the 1950’s.
They continue to bash Fox news.  They get butt hurt over the latest Supreme court ruling that ANY company can donate money to any candidate – not just liberal leaning, unethical organizations like Acorn.  Yeah they don’t like the big, bad corporate companies (that liberals try and hinder) from donating their money to the candidate of their choice.  They also seem to focus on wanting to limit and shut down conservative talk radio.  Yeah, that’s because conservative talk radio and TV is MORE popular than the liberal ones.  Because America listens to people like Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh instead of drips like Al Franken who’s brain child Air America is now shutting down because they suck and have no listeners anymore.  Wah!  It’s not fair….. so we’ll try and shut you down.  Yeah… Communism.  The President and his toadies only believe in Free Speech when it applies to THEIR cause.  Everyone else in the world cannot have free speech, free press, etc.  Only them.
On top of this they STILL continue to blame Bush, including Barry.  That is so over now.  The people are no longer buying that one Nobama. That get out of jail free card is used up, you can’t keep playing that one.  Yes, maybe you were handed a shit sandwich from Bush but you sir, were elected to fix it.  So what have you done?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing to improve it.  YOU need to start taking ownership now.  Bush is no longer in office, YOU are.
Barry will finally address the economy tonight.  He’ll talk about how they are going to put a freeze on spending.  Too late.  The damage is done.  Newt made a good analogy about that the other day saying, “That’s like my daughter running up my credit card to $50,000 and then saying, ok, from this point on for the next three years we will freeze that amount of $50,000 each year.  It means nothing.”  He’s right on with that statement.  President Obama has increased the federal deficit by 1.35 trillion dollars!  That’s higher of a share than any other year since WWII.  And… and…. and… this is the ass munch who was “opposed” to an across the board spending freeze when he was campaigning against McCain (McCain said we needed the across the board spending freeze a year ago).  But now, now that they have spent an obscene amount of money that did nothing, he’s going to put on a freeze.  Brilliant.  Too fucking late.  It means nothing.  The damage is done, done, done.
**Side note:  Glenn Beck had an EXCELLENT show on this very thing tonight in explaining the spending, the freeze, the differences of increasing taxes vs. lowering taxes and it’s effects.  When he did all the math on this I was flabbergasted.  I can’t even begin to describe it all so that it makes sense but man…….. it’s a serious eye opener.  Just watch it in the link above.   Lowering taxes for people and not over spending to begin with increases the economy and jobs, it’s been proven time and again when we’ve done it in the past.  All the historical numbers prove it.  I just don’t get why dems don’t get that.  If you have never watched Glen Beck’s show on Fox, I advise you to start.
He’ll also address the unemployment situation.  It’s at 10% and it’s disgraceful.  I am a part of that statistic too and I’m pissed.  I’m so pissed and disgusted with the whole thing.  No matter what crap he says about it, I won’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth about it.  Too late Mister President.  Too late.  That should be his new nickname – too late.  He is always a day late and a dollar short on everything.  He ALWAYS seems to move on things months and months and months too late!  I don’t get that.  Is he in that much of a bubble to not know what the hell is going on?  Is it that he is just closing his eyes and ignoring them and hoping that they will go away?  Is it that he just has way too much pride to admit mistakes and move in the correct direction?  At least Dubbya had the balls to admit when he made mistakes.
Now after that Scott Brown election – they are going to focus on these things.  Things that should have been focused on day one.  They are now shaking in their boots and they should be.  Douche bags.  I am so thankful that I have the power to vote.  The people and things I vote for may not always win but I’ll be dammed if I sit by and not voice that vote – it counts no matter what.  And McCain, I’m voting against your ass too.  Time for your ass to go too.

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