The Dating Scene

Been emailing with a few people here and there but been pretty low key on the dating thing for a bit.  I guess when I didn’t have a car for awhile I just put it on the back burner.  The New Yorker I had talked about was out of town for a few weeks to visit some family so that was put on pause for a bit.
He did call me over the weekend now that he is back and he does want to take me out next weekend.  I’m sort of excited to go on a date with him and at the same time a bit skeptical too.  Excited because he does seem nice, normal, cute, funny, etc.  But skeptical just because of the last date I had where some dude stood me up.  That really wasn’t cool at all.  So I just get a bit leery on the whole thing anymore. 
But… we’ll see how it goes next weekend.
Then it always seem like guys from the past all seem to contact me at the same time too.  Boring guy, another guy I met two years ago from Flagstaff emailed me, as well as another all recently.  Even that really bad kisser dude emailed me not too long ago.  Oh boy.
I think I just need to go to things where men are.  I may just volunteer down at the Republican headquarters and give some time.  Might meet some cuties there who would most likely be better quality. 

The Sounds Of……. Silence?

I know I tend to go on and on about when ever it rains on things like my blog or Twitter.  I can’t help it though because it’s one of my favorite things.  Right now as I type this it is thundering out and now the rain has come and started pouring down.  I love it.
I guess I love it because for one, we really just don’t get any here in Arizona.  But I have always loved thunderstorms, even as a kid.  I love the thunder and the lightening.  Even when it gets a little scary.  I like that it’s sort of a show.  Then you get the rain on top of it.  It always makes the desert smell so good.  I love it when I’m in bed at night too.  It’s just a nice sound to go to sleep by.  It’s just dramatic and romantic to me for some reason.
I have a thing for certain sounds I guess.  I was thinking about that the other day. 
When I’m in bed at night I notice there are certain things that comfort me as I try and drift off.  The sounds of the Luke Air Force boys flying over my house doing their night exercises.  Then there is the wind.  I like the way it makes the trees rustle, my wind chimes sound and sometimes even the whistling sound it makes.  Sometimes off in the distance I’ll here one of the trains come through over by Grand Avenue and hear their horn.  At one time there was an owl hanging out in my back yard and I could hear him hooting.  I liked that.  He’s been gone for a long while now though.  Of course thunderstorms complete the circle.
These things just comfort me

Girls In Glasses Rock

It’s always funny to see certain things that pop up on my Flickr picture account.  I’ll get notices if people email me or leave comments or list me as a favorite, etc.  One group liked one of my pictures where I’m wearing a witches hat and they wanted to add me to some witches group.  I told them to knock themselves out.
Tonight I got notification that 3 of my pictures were added as their favorite.  They were all of me modeling my new glasses.  When I went to this persons site and looked at their favorites I chuckled.  I’m grouped in with all ladies wearing glasses.  Yes, they are all tasteful from what I could tell.  But I thought it was kind of cute in a weird way.  You kind of wonder if it’s a weird kinky sex fetish of some sort or just someone who digs chicks with specs in an innocent way. 
Sometimes I’ll get emails from my dating sites with specific compliments on my glasses or that occasional line, “I like girls with glasses.”  I think it’s funny.  I guess it’s that Louis Lane or hot librarian kind of a thing.

My Super Powers Are Strong This Week

I’m attracting jobs, cars, money and now men.  Remember this bloke?  Out of the blue, almost a year to the day I get an email from him today asking if I would like to go out for a drink tonight.  I have a car and money and I don’t have to work tomorrow so why not?  No… just kidding on that last line.  This was the dude that seemed really boring to me.  Plus we clashed politically.  Hmmm… it’s been a year, I should ask him how that “hope and change” is working out for him now.  lol
I’m taken back by his random out of the blue invite though.  What brought this on?  Ok, I need to go read my horoscope at this point with the day I’ve had.  Wow.

Lucky Number Three

Oh yes I was rummaging through some paperwork and organizing things and I found an old unopened envelope from the unemployment office.  I never opened it because I had that set up on direct deposit and I thought it was just one of those letters telling me how much of a balance I had left on unemployment.  I opened it and discovered a check over $100. 
Today I spoke with a girl at work who works for the unemployment office and asked her if I could still cash it since it was past the due date on it.  She said yes and gave me a name and number to call and let them know.  Hot fucking damn! 

Round, Round, Round, Round… I Get Around…

How about some more good news today?  My parents got me a car.  They dropped it off at work to me so it made my last day there even sweeter.  It’s a used car of course.  I also did not expect them to just up and buy one for me.  The original plan was for them to co-sign a loan for a used car and I would make the payments, but then they just came out and said, “we bought you a car”  last night.
It’s a 2005 Hyundai Sonata and it’s a really nice blue color.  It’s cute, in good shape, used to belong to a doctor, not that many miles on it and a decent price.  They were the first to call the guy and after looking it over and driving it they grabbed it.  An hour after the doctor and my parents sealed the deal another woman came by and was pissed it sold already.  She even offered the guy and extra $200 to buy it out from under my parents but the guy said he wouldn’t break his word to my parents.  What a sorry ass bitch for doing that.  God, people are such selfish little weasel assholes.  He got more calls but of course he told them all sorry.
It was dumb luck my parents were the first to call and see it.  My parents knew it was the car and snapped it up.  They were in a really good mood when they dropped it off to me today at work.  I didn’t even know what to say.  I mean, my parents never did anything like this for me before, not this big a purchase.  Not even when I was a teen.  I had to buy my own car when I was 17 and I did.  With my own money.  And every car after that.
I get the feeling my dad might have pushed this one.  Maybe they feel bad I have to give up my home and my precious cat Lola to move in with them.  Or maybe the bomb hasn’t dropped yet and after I move in they’ll give me a payment booklet.  heh.  Anyway, I’m very stunned and touched at the same time.  I can’t help but feel a little bit of guilt too.  One thing I know for sure, I’m a very lucky girl to have these two people in my life.

I Got A New Job!

Yes sports fans, that’s right…. it was my last day at douche-mart today.  I got a job with a really, really good company in a new call center they are brining to Phoenix.  I will be starting out at the bottom and on the phones.  But…. it’s FULL TIME.  With benefits!  At a professional place.  With professional people.  And $15 an hour.  Yes!!!!  It’s a really long story on how I landed this thing and just too tired and lazy to explain it, but… I did it.  I got the offer yesterday and start on Monday.  I had to give my resignation to wal world today, pack up my things, say my thank you’s and good bye’s. 
Every time I told someone at work today that it was my last day they all were like, “Shut up!  No!”
I’ll give more details later.  Details on the job, my thoughts on Wally’s world and more.  Oh… I’m still planning on foreclosing.  It’s still not the salary I need to survive properly but I’m working on it.
But in the meantime, sing it Donna!