Oh, THAT Holiday is Coming

That one that I have really started to loathe as a single woman.  Valentine’s Day.  I think it has become a contributing factor in my mood lately.  It’s nothing but another reminder that I’m alone and single.  Sure, sometimes being single has it’s awesome moments and can be quite fun and freeing.  Then there are times like now where this holiday seems to get “in your face” to singles and brag.  It laughs at you and taunts you when you are single.  It’s a cruel one. 
I think in all my years I have gotten flowers, a gift and a card once from a love on Valentine’s Day.  Once.  I’m 40.  Every other year I have to sit in a work environment and see everyone else get balloons, flowers, gifts and cards delivered from their spouses.  Both men and women.  I drive by the restaurants and see a gazillion people in line waiting to take their sweetheart out.  I see and hear my friends and family members get these things too.  I stroll by the lingerie shops and see all the cute and sexy stuff for women to secretly share with their boyfriends and husbands they will surprise them with on Valentine’s night.  Working where I work right now makes it have even more of a giant sucking sound as I see all the stuff people are purchasing.
I know it’s a silly commercialized holiday and you should be demonstrating your love and affection with the one you care about all year and blah, blah, blah.  But I guess the truth of it is, I don’t have that every day of the year with someone and so V-day is the big slap in the face reminder of it.  I don’t have someone telling me they love me, looking into my eyes or telling me first hand how much I mean to them.  For some reason, that seems very hard this year.

2 Responses to “Oh, THAT Holiday is Coming”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Um, yeah, watching couples all around me celebrate Valentine’s Day feels like a party that I’m not invited to. It sucks. At least it’s on a Sunday this year when I’ll be hanging out at home mostly.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I hear ya Tracy!

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