Blue Hearts… Signature For The Sexy Single

For some reason more and more I have been liking the color blue.  I have no idea why.  My favorite colors all my life have been purple, black and green.  But more and more I lean towards the blue themed Christmas stuff, various shades of blue nail polish and make up and so on.  Certain art catches my eye too, I always seem to love staring at Starry Night.
After finding that picture in my Valentine’s Day post I fell in love with it.  So now my new thing is blue hearts.  I just added a crap load of blue heart jewelry to my Amazon wish list.  You always see red or pink or even purple hearts but the blue one stands out to me for some reason.  Maybe that will be my new signature, blue heart jewelry and I’ll buy myself something every Valentine’s Day – a different blue heart each year.  I love this one!  If I had my old job I could buy that in a heartbeat.  What’s nice is my birthstone is blue sapphire too.  I seem to stare at this one a lot too.
I think I’ll collect blue heart jewelry to symbolize my single self for as long as I’m single.  If I were ever to get married, maybe then I’ll start collecting red or purple heart jewelry.

3 Responses to “Blue Hearts… Signature For The Sexy Single”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Maybe you were a smurf in a past life.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Hey Smurfette!

    Ha ha ha

    Actually there’s a weird phenomenon where women do purchase more blue earrings/jewelry than most colors. I have a ton of blue earring and don’t probably wear but a couple of pairs, but inexplicably I’m drawn to blue earrings. A Lot.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    I know right? lol

    It’s weird because I hardly have any blue jewlry now, even with my birthstone. I think I have one blue sapphire ring. Pathetic! But then I don’t have a man to buy me purdy jewlry. ha!

    I was actually reading up on the color blue the other day and it was saying some things like it symbolizes calm, peace, stable, orderly and such. Maybe I’m just seriously craving some calm in all my storms.

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