I Love My Friends

Got a chance to talk with one of my gal pals Cindy tonight on the phone.  Of course I talked her ear off.  ha.  I told her tonight that if I had a job waiting for me in Colorado I’d take her up on her offer to live in her and her hubster’s basement.  But then, I’d have to drive in snow.  Brrrrr…..  But if there were tons and tons of single men, I could make an exception and buy some long johns.  heh heh
At one point in the convo I said to her, “I really wonder what lesson I’m suppose to be learning from losing everything.  It just seems so extreme”  She went on to say how maybe everything doesn’t happen for a reason and none of it means anything that sometimes, things just suck.  For some reason that last bit had me laughing.  That’s the quote of the day, “Sometimes things just suck.”  That’s for sure!  Another point in the conversation I was like, “Man, I’m never a woe is me type of person.  I feel like… like… Sad Sack or something here.”  And we both laughed.  At least I can laugh a bit at all of this.
Her and her hubby are such great people.  I wished they lived here.  It’s funny, we have only met twice in person.  I met these great people back when I had a totally different blog called Downtown Chick Chat – I think even before that with my co-owned blog of Right We Are! which was a more political focused blog.  They started leaving comments on my blog, I left comments on theirs.  They came to town and we met for dinner along with another crazy blogger.  Then later they were in town again and we went to the Christmas festival here in Glendale (after I got lost and kept them waiting!)
Since then we’ve kept in touch here and there through this blog and a few phone calls.  They have both been incredibly generous these last two years of my plight with little gifts.  They have totally made my day, week and month whenever they did this.  They even named a scent after me with some soap and Lotion that they sent me Christmas of 2008.  All these little gifts and gestures have truly put a smile on my face and brightened my days more than they know.  They are both very sweet, generous and funny people.  Big dating game kiss to the both of you.  I love you guys.

2 Responses to “I Love My Friends”

  1. Cindy Says:

    We love you too!

    But seriously, not enough to pay $30 to ship your next package so you get by tomorrow…so it will probably arrive Monday – a belated valentine’s gift.

    Dennis just said, yeah, that other blogger was crazy! Sheesh.

    Oh, and I’m buying another powerball ticket for tomorrow’s drawing… 😉

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    oh heavens no don’t pay that. Just send it regular mail.

    I know right? She was a nut. Remember how she was so bossy and demanding she was to her husband? Telling him he wasn’t full and to keep eating. I mean WTH? Give the dude a break man.

    Fingers crossed on the powerball!

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