Time To Blow This Popsicle Stand

Well…. hmmm…. my life decision has been made.  I will walk away from my home of 15 years.  I have chosen to foreclose.  It was a sad and hard decision but it’s here.  It won’t do me any good to fiddle with trying to sell it or rent it in an economy this bad.  Realtor will take a chunk, plus I’ll have to spend time and money fixing stuff, not to mention maybe not even getting enough on the home to pay it off.  So it’s just not worth it.  Even getting a roommate will not be enough with what I’m making at slave part time wages.  It’s not worth the struggle anymore.  I have to walk away at this point.  I fought the good fight, but I lost and the economy won.
I love this house.  I’ve always loved it.  I have always had a really good payment on it too.  Before I lost this last job, I always made my payments on time and never missed one in 14 years.  Even when I had been unemployed 2 times before this last one!  I bought this home in my twenties when no one I knew my age had their own home, let alone, a single woman.  I got the right kind of loan and home too.  I wasn’t one of these people that bought way over my means or had to have a HUGE home and swimming pool and all the tons of extras that people seem to “have to have.”  I bought what I could comfortably afford and didn’t have an arm loan or any of that nonsense. 
Everyone always complimented my home and decorating.  My neighborhood is very nice too, I live in a good area.  I think my home tripled in value before the bad economy hit.  Now it’s valued at the same price I bought it for 15 years later.  How sad.
I will also have to give up my cat Lola (which I’m very upset about) and sell all of my things.  I will be moving in with mom and dad in good ole’ action packed Sun City.  Joy.  I know these are just “things” but I can’t help but say I DON’T CARE, THESE WERE MY THINGS.  Things I worked damn hard for, on my own.
And anyone who wants to sit in judgment on what I “couldda, shouldda, wouldda” done can shove it up their high horse ass.  When you have walked a mile in my shoes, then you can give me feedback mmm k?

8 Responses to “Time To Blow This Popsicle Stand”

  1. Leader Desslok Says:

    I’m so sorry this had to happen to you. I regularly checked the VzB internal job listings… and nothing. At all. For months. They’re cutting out 18,000 more people by the end of this year apparently. More jobs for India of course.

    Reading your comments on the other post… you’re right. The government has been making this… for 30, 40, 50 years now. They’ve been mortgaging the future for immediate prosperity gains, figuring they’ll be long out of office before the bill comes due. Unfortunately it’s been true for most of them. And of course our current government is doing everything in its power to make everything worse.

    But, the decision is made. Kind of like after getting that root canal, the waiting, the what’s going to happen is now over. Now you have a plan, and hopefully can sleep better tonight.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks Pirate King. Your words actually comfort me. They really, really do.

    It really sucks this is happening, not just to me but soooooooo many people out there. I personally know four other people in my life that this exact thing has happened to. They all had to foreclose and not because they got an arm loan but because they or their spouse lost their jobs and couldn’t find work and STILL out of work.

  3. Barbi Says:

    Im sorry it has come to this. I know how hard you tried to keep all of this together. Believe me when I say it gets easier over time. Do yourself a favor and look into the grants you can get for school. Carlo has an income of 1,100 a month and we got EVERYTHING paid for. I miss you chickie. I know this sucks… God i know it! Hold tight and it will all work out. What are you doing with Ms Lola?

  4. Barbi Says:

    of yeah, and judgemental douchebags can go fuck themselves! nasty bitches!

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks Barbi! I know you know everything I have gone through and have been a great friend to me through it all. What a mess.

    Once I get settled in my parents place and get a car, I will look into the grants thing. Not sure if I’ll qualify since Phoenix is sooo populated and I’m sure there are people worse off than me. Plus I don’t have kids, I notice I don’t seem to qualify for stuff like this because of that. But I will still investigate it fully. Can’t hurt to try.

    I’m probably going to have to take Lola back to the no kill shelter that I got her from. I’m just praying they won’t be over capacity and not turn her away. They do that if they don’t have the room and I’m wondering with all these foreclosures that many people have had to give up their pets. If I can get her in, it will be good in the sense that it’s a no-kill shelter and they let all the cats run around freely and not in cages. If I had friends still living here that could take her till I got on my feet I’d do that but everyone I know has either moved away or they have dogs and cats of their own so I don’t think that would work. Believe me, I’m very bitter that I have to give her up. I’ve lost enough and now I have to lose her too. I know I’ll live but it just stinks big time.

  6. Tracy Says:

    I hate this for you, it’s just not fair. It’s obvious you’ve done all you could do to prevent this from happening, so I hope you find some peace in knowing that this isn’t your fault. Not everyone experiencing foreclosure can make that claim, but you can. We Americans get knocked down, but we don’t quit and we get back on our feet. I have no doubt that someone as smart and strong as you will get through your trials.

  7. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks so much Tracy! It means a lot to me to hear such nice words from you and everyone else. I definetly tried. Were there things I could have done differently or better? Sure. But I guess I just didn’t think I’d have this much trouble finding a job and banked on my past exp. of always finding work within a few months. After the first year, I should have made some more solid moves but again, I thought I would find better work. You are right about Americans, we do keep fighting. We do keep trying. We do get through tough times. You are so right and I need to remember that.

  8. Martini Girl Says:

    One other thing I sincerely plan on doing is writing a heartfelt letter of thanks to Wells Fargo bank. I’ll probably address it to the CEO. They really did try their very best in working with me. They were patient and fair. They allowed me 6 months without payment to give me time to try and fix my situation. After that, they lowered my interest rate which brought down my payment that I would have had to start paying come March 1st. Even with those changes, I still can’t afford the payment on $9.60 an hour part time. I would be short about $300 and some change each month after paying for all my basic bills, food, etc. I know other banks out there were and are not as kind to other home owners from what I have heard. But Wells Fargo… they tried. And for that, I will most likely be a life long customer of theirs.

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