Kicks Twilight’s Ass Any Day of the Week

Time for a new book and book review.  Want to read along with Martini Girl?  This time I’m going to re-read one of my all time favorites ever. The first book in the series, Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn.  I have to say this book kicks major ass over any of the trendy stuff like Twilight, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.  Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE the Harry Potter books and I like the Twilight series but this series is way, way, WAY better.  It’s for grown ups and I always thought these would make fantastic movies. 
This series would not just be for wimmen readers either, I know men would enjoy these as well.  In fact it was my 2nd love who turned me on to these.  It’s got it all.  Love, lust, royalty, war, hunting, betrayal, power struggles, scheming, passion, humor and magic.
The only thing I need to warn you about is all the character names and territory names.  There are a lot of them to keep track of and of course none of them are common names.  But once you can get used to that, the story is fab.  Another warning, it is a long one but still good, at least to me.  I haven’t read this in ages so I can’t wait to get going.  I’ll start next week.  Read along!
I’ll post my reviews in 3 parts like I usually do… chapters 1-10, 11-20 and 21-31.

2 Responses to “Kicks Twilight’s Ass Any Day of the Week”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I just started the Lightning Thief/Percy Jackson one. I’ll see about this one too…

  2. Martini Girl Says:


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