Pot Meet Kettle

I just love seeing a certain blogger/twitter person continuously complain about the employees at Wally World.  Every time I turn around she’s bitching and moaning about what they do or don’t do.  Yeah… the same person who jumped all over me for complaining that I had to work there, it’s policies and it’s douche bag customers.  Mmm hmmm.  Oh I can’t complain but SHE can. 
It’s sooooooo awful there, yet you keep shopping there.  Got news for ya, when you want the cheapskate prices that you can’t seem to live without, the company who gives them to you are going to pay the people that work for them slave wages, no benefits and work them like dogs.  Plus they don’t spend the time and money to train people properly.  Then you expect these employees to care enough to do the things they do in say…. a Neiman Marcus?  You get what you pay for.
Latest complaint – “That cashier at WalMart had to be one of the slowest, most clueless I’ve ever encountered. AND she wouldn’t shut up,despite the growing line” 
Hmmm…. well maybe the cashier is new and doesn’t have the hang of it yet.  Every job (no matter how low in your eyes it is) has a learning curve.  Maybe she isn’t fast because she has arthritis or some other handicap, which a lot of these people do that work there.  Or maybe she’s been on her feet for 7 hours already on a crap busy day like today since it’s 2 days before Valentine’s day for those last min holiday shoppers like you.  Maybe her husband is having heart surgery but she wasn’t allowed to take the day off without it counting against her and so she has a lot on her mind.  Maybe she’s talking a lot because the supervisors jump all over you if you don’t mention and ask certain things with every customer.  Or maybe she is just trying to be friendly and give attention to each customer, even though there is a line.  Newsflash, if you are shopping there, there are lines even with fast cashiers.  Maybe a few customers before you someone was a real asshole to her and so she is trying to shake it off and be extra friendly.  **UPDATE:  Oh and sometimes they pull other people from other departments who are not trained cashiers to come on and cash on busy days because the company is too cheap to actually HIRE enough cashiers.  This is a frequent occurrence.  So this woman could have been a toy department associate normally.
It’s always obvious which people out there haven’t lost a thing and still in their little bubble when this is the thing they complain about.

2 Responses to “Pot Meet Kettle”

  1. Barbi Says:

    lousy rag. i cant stand her! evil at its finest.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I know, talk about hypocrite.

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