Why Are We ALLOWING These People To Stay in Our Country?

So some crazy ass bitch is living in Texas and carries bombs and ammo in her car.  She threatens road rage on other drivers.  She is on the “no fly” list.  She has a history with police with this kind of crap.  She has explosive and sniper training.  Oh and she’s totally against our Middle East policy.  Shocker right?  Oh….. I’m just going to take a wild guess that she is Muslim.  You know, the religion of peace.
So I ask, why in the hell do we allow a person like this to run free and live in our country??????  I’m sorry but I’m really done with this crap and all the PC bullshit that goes along with not offending people because oooooo…. we don’t want to offend Muslims.  This is TERRORIST behavior!  Period.  What is it going to take?  Her blowing something up and killing a bunch of innocent people in the name of Islam? 
These people don’t think twice about killing us.  When they kidnap an American they cut off their heads and film it.  They celebrate it.  And democrats are all PC and against us waterboarding????  Giving them rights?  Trying them in civilian courts?  Oh for crying out loud!  I am officially past waterboarding now.  Kill them all.  I say do it quietly too.  The mob way.  Kill their ass in the middle of the night and bury them in the New Mexico desert in secret.  Take the FBI list of them and do it one by one.  Just have these people mysteriously disappear.  I sure wouldn’t lose any sleep over that.  It’s the Italian way.

3 Responses to “Why Are We ALLOWING These People To Stay in Our Country?”

  1. Leader Desslok Says:

    See, now this is why I want gays I the military. I want a brigade of prancing flaming poofters right from San Francisco. All trained as snipers, and given pink M-16s.
    Then send them over to Afghanistan, and make sure everyone knows they’re there. Because I’m pretty damn sure Mohammed bin Suicidebomber ain’t getting his 72 virgins if he gets nailed by one of our new “Very Special Forces!!!!”

  2. Tracy Says:

    Yeah, I’m not even gonna pretend that I’d have a problem with the USA deciding to deal with terrorists by any method that Tony Soprano would be willing to use! And if Sean Penn doesn’t like it, then he can go shack up in a cave with Bin Laden and impress him with how he won the Oscar by portraying Harvey Milk.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Seriously. Unleash the mob on the frickin terrorists. And the illegals. Shouldn’t be a problem for long.

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