I Got A New Job!

Yes sports fans, that’s right…. it was my last day at douche-mart today.  I got a job with a really, really good company in a new call center they are brining to Phoenix.  I will be starting out at the bottom and on the phones.  But…. it’s FULL TIME.  With benefits!  At a professional place.  With professional people.  And $15 an hour.  Yes!!!!  It’s a really long story on how I landed this thing and just too tired and lazy to explain it, but… I did it.  I got the offer yesterday and start on Monday.  I had to give my resignation to wal world today, pack up my things, say my thank you’s and good bye’s. 
Every time I told someone at work today that it was my last day they all were like, “Shut up!  No!”
I’ll give more details later.  Details on the job, my thoughts on Wally’s world and more.  Oh… I’m still planning on foreclosing.  It’s still not the salary I need to survive properly but I’m working on it.
But in the meantime, sing it Donna!



3 Responses to “I Got A New Job!”

  1. Leader Desslok Says:

    That’s wonderful!! Congratulations, I’m sure you’ll move up in the new job quickly. Keep us all posted!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks so much Pirate King. I will keep you posted for sure. Man, I had to fight like hell to get this job too.

  3. Cindy Says:

    WOO HOO! Was this the one you were telling me about?

    That is so great! Will this change the home situation? I hope so!

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