My Super Powers Are Strong This Week

I’m attracting jobs, cars, money and now men.  Remember this bloke?  Out of the blue, almost a year to the day I get an email from him today asking if I would like to go out for a drink tonight.  I have a car and money and I don’t have to work tomorrow so why not?  No… just kidding on that last line.  This was the dude that seemed really boring to me.  Plus we clashed politically.  Hmmm… it’s been a year, I should ask him how that “hope and change” is working out for him now.  lol
I’m taken back by his random out of the blue invite though.  What brought this on?  Ok, I need to go read my horoscope at this point with the day I’ve had.  Wow.

4 Responses to “My Super Powers Are Strong This Week”

  1. Steve Topaz Says:

    He was persuaded nicely to forget you existed.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Hmmm…persuaded back then a year ago or just recently? And by whom?

  3. Cindy Says:

    Wow, in Hockey, this would be called a hat trick (3 goals in a row)!

    Too cool. Who cares. Sometimes things hit us later (perhaps after a dry year he remembered how nice you were and he went to some trouble at valentines…).

    So much good news. I can hardly believe it! I bet you’re pinching yourself too! Hooray!

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks so much Cindy. It’s definately a welcome change for sure!

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