Girls In Glasses Rock

It’s always funny to see certain things that pop up on my Flickr picture account.  I’ll get notices if people email me or leave comments or list me as a favorite, etc.  One group liked one of my pictures where I’m wearing a witches hat and they wanted to add me to some witches group.  I told them to knock themselves out.
Tonight I got notification that 3 of my pictures were added as their favorite.  They were all of me modeling my new glasses.  When I went to this persons site and looked at their favorites I chuckled.  I’m grouped in with all ladies wearing glasses.  Yes, they are all tasteful from what I could tell.  But I thought it was kind of cute in a weird way.  You kind of wonder if it’s a weird kinky sex fetish of some sort or just someone who digs chicks with specs in an innocent way. 
Sometimes I’ll get emails from my dating sites with specific compliments on my glasses or that occasional line, “I like girls with glasses.”  I think it’s funny.  I guess it’s that Louis Lane or hot librarian kind of a thing.

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