The Dating Scene

Been emailing with a few people here and there but been pretty low key on the dating thing for a bit.  I guess when I didn’t have a car for awhile I just put it on the back burner.  The New Yorker I had talked about was out of town for a few weeks to visit some family so that was put on pause for a bit.
He did call me over the weekend now that he is back and he does want to take me out next weekend.  I’m sort of excited to go on a date with him and at the same time a bit skeptical too.  Excited because he does seem nice, normal, cute, funny, etc.  But skeptical just because of the last date I had where some dude stood me up.  That really wasn’t cool at all.  So I just get a bit leery on the whole thing anymore. 
But… we’ll see how it goes next weekend.
Then it always seem like guys from the past all seem to contact me at the same time too.  Boring guy, another guy I met two years ago from Flagstaff emailed me, as well as another all recently.  Even that really bad kisser dude emailed me not too long ago.  Oh boy.
I think I just need to go to things where men are.  I may just volunteer down at the Republican headquarters and give some time.  Might meet some cuties there who would most likely be better quality. 

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