The Sounds Of……. Silence?

I know I tend to go on and on about when ever it rains on things like my blog or Twitter.  I can’t help it though because it’s one of my favorite things.  Right now as I type this it is thundering out and now the rain has come and started pouring down.  I love it.
I guess I love it because for one, we really just don’t get any here in Arizona.  But I have always loved thunderstorms, even as a kid.  I love the thunder and the lightening.  Even when it gets a little scary.  I like that it’s sort of a show.  Then you get the rain on top of it.  It always makes the desert smell so good.  I love it when I’m in bed at night too.  It’s just a nice sound to go to sleep by.  It’s just dramatic and romantic to me for some reason.
I have a thing for certain sounds I guess.  I was thinking about that the other day. 
When I’m in bed at night I notice there are certain things that comfort me as I try and drift off.  The sounds of the Luke Air Force boys flying over my house doing their night exercises.  Then there is the wind.  I like the way it makes the trees rustle, my wind chimes sound and sometimes even the whistling sound it makes.  Sometimes off in the distance I’ll here one of the trains come through over by Grand Avenue and hear their horn.  At one time there was an owl hanging out in my back yard and I could hear him hooting.  I liked that.  He’s been gone for a long while now though.  Of course thunderstorms complete the circle.
These things just comfort me

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