What I Love About Men

I have to say I’m loving that Love Games show.  What I like about it is watching the guys trying to do things to impress the girls with the challenges and having to use their creativity.  When a guy lets his guard down and can be sincere with a woman it shows.  When he does cute or funny things, it shows.  Even if he is willing to make a bit of a fool of himself, it shows too.  I love it.  When men do this it really is charming and has a lasting impression on a woman.  We like feeling special in your eyes.
I like the risk takers too.  The ones that don’t let things stop them from trying to get you.  They don’t let fear or others get in their way but not in an overly bullying way.  Aggressive but still a gentleman.  I love a man who can show, he’ll stop at nothing to be your number one.  Not all men are good at mastering that one but when they can pull it off, it’s very hot and again, makes us feel very special.  Sure turns my head.

It Seems I’ve made Alan Colmes Blog…

Yes sports fans, I was not a happy camper after watching Alan Colmes on the Factor last night.  So I tweeted my dissatisfaction.  Colmes posted my tweet, along with others who felt the same way I did on his blog.  Well I’m glad it got your attention Colmes, ya tool.

Sing It

I have to say that the song “Spotlight” by Jennifer Hudson really kicks butt.  This girl has amazing talent and I like the kind of music style she has.  Good old fashioned R&B.  She looks amazing in this video too I might add. Excellent lyrics, voice and music.


A Famous Person Wants To Date Me

I get this email from a dude who lives in Tucson who travels to Phoenix a lot from my dating site.  He tells me he’s the real Forrest Gump as he did running and walking for causes across the U.S.  Well… Gump isn’t really based on him but one of his actual quotes was used in the running scenes in the movie.  I google him and sure enough, it’s true.  Some other movie was loosely based on him as well.  He also helped to initiate a bill that President Clinton signed.  Interesting.  Yes, it’s really him.
Sadly I’m not really all that attracted to him even though his email was decent.  I know that sounds shallow but I have to be attracted to the person otherwise there is just no chemistry and without chemistry it just won’t work.  He’s not real unattractive or anything, just not my type.  But then again some people do tend to look better in person.  Who knows.  Anything is possible I guess.  Maybe I’m just too picky and need to stop being that way.  Maybe I should just say the hell with it and go out on a date with him.

Ahhhhh CHOO!

The longer I live in Arizona the more allergies I seem to get.  It has gotten to the point where it seems like all year now.  But spring?  Every year it gets worse.  I don’t know if it’s my body not being able to tolerate it that gets worse or that the crap growing in the valley is getting worse.  The symptoms always vary every year too.  One year it was being stuffed up.  Another year itchy nose.  Another year scratchy throat.  Another year my eyes burned like mad.  This year it is sneezing and running nose.
Now for the past few days I have been sneezing like mad.  My nose has been running.  What’s really annoying is taking something for it and it not helping.  That’s a first.  Usually if I take some sort of over the counter allergy meds it totally helps and my symptoms go away.  Not this time.  I go into crazy ass sneezing fits.  Once I have one sneeze, that’s it.  I’ll sneeze 100 times after that till I blow my nose.  Then 30 min later it starts all over again.
It must be allergies because last night, my cat’s eyes were watery and she had wet tear streaks under her tear ducts.  Good Lord.  You know it’s bad when your indoor cat is getting affected.

Remember Me Was Forgettable

So I was feeling bored and restless as hell and decided to go to the movies tonight by myself.  Of course it was a show I had to catch after 9pm and because of that, not a lot of films were still playing that late on a Sunday night so my choices were limited.  Why in the hell do they fill up half the screens with kid movies???  I’m all for kids and that but jeezus that pet dragon movie was on three screens alone.  Three screens????  Come on.  So… I had to settle on the film Remember Me.  Not a film that is getting rave reviews but the ones I wanted to see are either not out yet or stopped showing after 8pm and I really didn’t care to see Alice in Wonderland.
So… I head over to the AMC theatre at Westgate.  I totally forgot that the Wrestlemaina thing was over there and had just ended.  Lovely.  Nothing but traffic congestion and of course they blocked off the regular entrance to the movie theatre because of this event.  Then when I got there tons of people were still out and about and hanging around after the event.  All the restaurants and bars were packed.  Luckily no one was at the movies.
The movie was ok.  I was misled by the previews.  I thought it was going to focus more on a love story.  Yes there was a love story in there but it mostly focused on family drama.  It was a little slow.  All I did was sniffle and sneeze during the movie because I have allergies, a cold or a sinus infection – I can’t figure out which.  It doesn’t feel like a cold but rather really bad allergies.  Even though I have been taking over the counter allergy medicine, it doesnt’ seem to be doing anything which is odd.
After the film I figured the crowds would have died down.  I was wrong.  Still tons of people at Westgate.  Getting out was worse than getting in with the traffic.  The traffic lights are all timed for shit for an event.  They needed to have cops directing traffic like they do at the events down town.  I couldn’t get over how many people were still fucking around down there hours after the event at midnight on a Sunday night.  This is why I didn’t want that damn Cardinals stadium built on my side of town to begin with. 
In a different situation I would have been one of those people because I would have had tickets with someone.  Just another reminder that made me pissy about the whole thing.
I’m just a total crab tonight.

Psychos and Dorks and Assholes… Oh My

I got dolled up and went out last night to that hole in the wall bar that is next to the base.  They had some live cover band playing.  They were ok, just your typical nobody band, nothing spectacular but at least there was music playing.  Ordered my Tequila Sunrise.
Audra was there.  She waved and said hi to me.  Color me shocked since this crazy psycho blew me off as her friend.  Long story why she stopped talking to me and a very gay reason I might add.  Later when she walked by me she I looked “good girl” and I about fell over.  That woman never complimented me before.  Later when she was leaving she came to give me a fake hug.  I asked if she got her stupid picture disk I sent her and she said, “Yes, thank you.”  Pft. This from a woman who was ignoring my emails after she called me selfish and now she’s suddenly “fake nice” when she sees me.  Crazy ass nut job.  Good riddance.
I took a seat at the bar and this guy who looked like he was 18 started talking to me.  He seemed drunk.  So I moved to another part of the bar and some dork who was chatting me up a few nights ago was there and started chatting me up again.  Really cute but this guy is a total weirdo.  I don’t know how to describe him but he’s just one of those really weird people out there.  Acts like a 7 year old.  Later he followed me to the patio area where guess who was out there?  Mr. Oregon. 
I never did blog about me running into him again and how we actually went on a date.  How he was a cold fish and never called after that.  Then one night he saw Audra and was bugging the hell out of her to call me to come out.  I laughed back when she told me that.  I told her he was a lame ass for that.  Now months later I see him again.  Well when the dork that followed me left for a moment Oregon came up and started going on about the dork saying he was a real weirdo and why was I with him.  I told Oregon I wasn’t with him and he followed me out here.  Then Oregon asked what my name was.  My jaw dropped.  “Uh… I’m (insert my real name here)”  Then it registered who I was and he was clearly embarrassed and said, “you look different, I totally didn’t recognize you.  Your hair is different.”  And it was.  He had only seen it curly/wavy and tonight I had my June Cash look. 
After that, Oregon looked me up and down and then came back up and stopped at my tits, leaned in and said, “You look really pretty.”  Didn’t take me long to finish my drink and leave the bar without a word to anyone.