Things I Love Photo Challenge – Fox News

Gotta say that since tuning into this cable news channel some years ago, I got instantly hooked.  I especially love the O’Reilly Factor and other shows like Fox and Friends and Red Eye.  I like the news people like Shep, Neil and I miss Brit Hume – but glad they bring him back as a return guest like quite a few others they have on the network.
This news network went where no one would boldly go before.  They reported ALL freaking sides.  They took some risks and it paid off.  In a huge way.  They are the number one cable news network.  The Bill O’Relilly Factor show is the number one show forever now. 
I always love how liberals say, “Oh Fox news is so biased and right wing slanted.”  Um…… well gee mutha fucka…. how about all the years and years and YEARS of ALL other news media being LIBERALLY biased?  Now we finally have a news channel that tries to show the other side and everyone goes ape shit.  Mirrors hurt I guess.  What’s even more of a nightmare for them is the fact that it’s number one.  That all other media is failing badly.  Liberal TV news, liberal radio, liberal news papers…. all going broke and sucking.  People in America are switching off and fed up.
I like Fox News because it’s also fresh.  It’s a bit different.  They have good shows, good coverage and some really great guests.  They honestly are more balanced than other news networks – seriously they are.  Compare news coverage to news coverage and you’ll see it.  Not the shows… the news.  Fox will cover things the others don’t. 

One Response to “Things I Love Photo Challenge – Fox News”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Love fox.

    But for me a little goes a long way. Just spent Saturday/night with the folks and my dad has it on Fox all day long. With a few changes when they run annoying commercials.

    And when we got him to watch the DU hockey game that night…

    But Dennis watches the Fox & friends in the morning and my BFF Ann (Coulter) was on.

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