A Woman’s Laugh Is A Telling Tale

I was watching a movie I rented about Amelia Earheart.  Not the greatest movie but not bad I guess. 
When Amelia first met a man who later became her boyfriend, he had complimented her on her laugh.  Later in the movie there was a scene where Amelia was at a party with her boyfriend and she was chatting with some charming flight instructor from West Point.  He was making her laugh.  She kept laughing.  The sound of her laugh carried across the room over the crowd where her boyfriend heard it.  It caught only his attention and he looked her way to see her being charmed by this other man.  It was in the next scene that her boyfriend moved his ass and proposed marriage to her.
I smiled at this.  He knew what that laugh meant and didn’t like someone else bringing it out in her.  I find little things like this charming.  It really hasn’t changed today much.  Make a woman laugh and you’ll capture her heart.  I know that it does with me.

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