Things I Love Photo Challenge – Lola

This one is for March 5th. 
Lola my lovely kitty kat.  After having to put down my Henrietta after having her 14 years I was on the hunt for a new companion.  
I went to the no kill shelter and saw lovely miss Lola.  I thought she was so pretty and seemed pretty laid back.  The volunteers were very happy I was adopting her because they had had her a long while.  She has been a pretty friendly cat and seems to take to anyone that comes in my house.  If they are sitting on the couch she usually jumps up next to them looking for love. 
She also has this thing for nesting.  She likes to dig in things and make a bed.  I can’t let her in my closets, cupboards or open dresser drawers because she digs everything out and makes a mess.  She does this with a roll of paper towels if I happen to leave them out.  She even does this to my friend’s big purse.  She also tends to get bored easily and I have to remember to play with her and give her treats or cat nip.  She is definitely a cat with curiosity and likes to discover things and poke around.  Sometimes when she gets bored she’ll cry outside the garage door and sometimes I’ll let her go out there so she can sniff around.  For some reason, no matter how many times she’s been in there, she still begs me to let her out there.
She has never really been a lap cat.  She would sleep with me at night but never stay on the bed the whole night.  Though lately, she sits on me if I’m laying on the sofa or in my bed at night.  She’ll just lay smack dab on my chest, stare at me and purr away.  She’s also been sleeping with me in bed longer and longer now.  What ever room I’m in she lays not far from me.  She has definitely taken her time to get close to me and becoming more and more affectionate.  She’s a lot like me.

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