Things I Love Photo Challenge – Gypsie Doodle Soap

This is for March 7th.
I’ve bragged about my good friends Cindy and Dennis side business before but I still wanted to include their Gypsie Soap in this.  I really love their soaps and lotions!  My favorite right now is the Twilight’s Embrace which smells soo good and I’m glad I got a few bars of it.  One of their newest is called LOL and it has such a great fun scent – I can’t wait to start using that one.  If you are interested in ordering just go to their site and click on the “contact us” link and tell them which ones you want!  I will never get enough of these.

2 Responses to “Things I Love Photo Challenge – Gypsie Doodle Soap”

  1. Cindy Says:


    We will have to send you the NIght Owl soon! Oh, and Jammie Day. I’m feeling the need for one of those too.

    Went to see my ‘rents last Saturday. Of course The Mominator thinks overnight is not enough. For me, 2 much. Gee, I wonder why Cindy doesn’t call? Because you’re a psycho alzheimer’s-denial bitch and you treat Dad like crap?!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    No, thank YOU!

    Man, sending me that Night Owl and Jammie Day soap….. I’d LOVE it of course!!!!!! I’m dying to smell the Jammie Day one since you described it to me girl. How freaking cute that sounds.

    By the way, I loved you calling the other night and us chatting. I really do love chatting with you, even though I probablly talked your ears off and didn’t let you get a word in edgewise!

    You crack me up when you talk about the Mominator girl. Maybe you need to just slip Valiums in her drinks when she is not looking. No wait, scratch that. You take the V’s and slip her the date rape drug. hahaha

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