Missing People

Been missing a lot of people lately.  Missing my girl Barbie an awful lot.  I miss my homie coming over to hang out.  We would watch movies, eat junk food, talk love and sex and a wide range of other topics.  Most of all I miss the laughter.  Her and I together would laugh and laugh like crazy.  We are bad women together.  Hmmm… Bad Women… sounds like a good title for a book or movie. 
I remember one night us going on a certain kind of dating site *let your imagination run wild* and we were being evil women messing with men on chat.  Well… not that evil.  I just remember some dude sending a hot, hunky body shot but no face shot.  He kept asking for pics of us but would never reveal his.  Barbie made the most hilarious comment out loud, “C’mon, what about you mister Marky Mark.”  We both couldn’t stop laughing.  It was then I said, “Dude, that calls for some mood music now!”  and I pulled up this gem.  You had to be there.  No really.  You did. 
I miss my bud Andrew too.  Not long ago after my car wreck he was in town and hung out with me all night.  Another person I’m pretty close with and do nothing but laugh when I’m around him.  I wish things were going better for him in this economy, he deserves a break.  I know he misses Arizona and unfortunately can’t be here.  I miss him lots.
Cindy and Dennis.  What can I say about these two?  All through this crap I’ve dealt with they have been so great to me.  They send me goodies to cheer me up, email me and call me long distance to chat.  Even though they have always been long distance I feel even more closer to them recently than ever.  I guess it’s because of the caring and kindness they have showed me.  I did get to meet them once when they were visiting Arizona one Christmas season.  We met up once for dinner and then we went to the Glendale Glitters Christmas Fair on another night.  Seems like ages and ages ago and I really would like to see them again.
One of my best friends for many years called me on the phone the other night and we talked for hours.  Both her and her hubby are my pals.  He’s getting ready to go to Afghanistan soon.  I miss them too.
My other good friend Christy who left Arizona some years ago I have been thinking about too.  I miss that punk.  I haven’t seen her in years and she is another one of those girlfriends I can be my raunchy self with.
I miss Donna too.  Been thinking about her lately.
I miss others so very much as well. 
I just miss everyone.  *sigh* 

5 Responses to “Missing People”

  1. Cindy Says:

    My parents sold their time shares (they had 2 and at one time offered one of them to us…apparently The Mominator realized that if WE had the time share we would actually use it without them so she sold them).

    Anyway, they still have 2 weeks to use or lose. One week they’re planning to use in Vegas…and the other they were thinking of using in Scottsdale!

    My dad wants to either go soon before the weather gets unbearably hot or after say in September (but I’m thinking it’s still pretty hot then too.)

    I’m hoping for fall and even though Dennis wouldn’t be able to come, I might endure a vacation with them to see you! dennis has to pick his vacations in November for the next year and we just found out last weekend about these two weeks.

    I’ll keep you posted. I figured by the fall you may be able to take a day or two off and we could paint the town red or whatever.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Well now that would be totally awesome if you can swing coming down! I’d love nothing more!

    Yes Sept is still hot. The temps usually drop after the 2nd week of October though the year my parents moved here and it was tripple degrees in Nov. My mom told me I lied. lol

  3. Cindy Says:

    The first year my parents moved down there, Dennis actually got Thanksgiving week off and that’s when we went down there to see them. It was 85 the whole week. We spent most of our days at their community pool. It was fabu!

  4. Barbi Says:

    Funny I read this today…. I miss you too and your post made me blubber like a baby. Ive been blubbering all day… I am feeling down today. I need a Lori fix. I miss you. I feel more isolated every day. I will call you to night.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    I’m missing you too chicky poo! Don’t be sad, someone in AZ loves you! I’m only a phone call away.

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