Another Round

I notice a few more houses suddenly have for sale signs up in my neighborhood.  Now today when I stepped out I notice one across the street from me has gone into foreclosure.  They slapped the big gigantic “For Auction” sign up on the windows and garage.  This sign is bright yellow and friggin huge.  My heart sank seeing it.  It really upsets me to see this.  Even though I have a better paying job now and a fighting chance to keep my own house, I know that nothing is certain.  There is always that chance it could still happen to me.  But honestly it saddens me to see it at all for anyone.
One girl I became very good friends with at Walmart, had gotten a bit of a better job and left walworld not long before I did.  She is in the same position as me, had a really good and professional job making good money, got laid off, couldn’t find work and then landed at walworld the same time as me.  She got a better job working in the school system – better in the sense it was more professional, full time and better hours.  However the pay is still crap for her.  I got an email from her that now her husband has been laid off and they will probably go into foreclosure now because of this. 
This is so upsetting that it’s still going on and still not getting any better out there.  I see gas prices starting to inch their way back up too.  *sigh*  When is this nightmare going to end?  It makes me so mad to see this happening to people who did it the right way and who were not greedy.  They lost their jobs.  It pisses me off when I hear about other people who bought homes way the hell above their means, took out 2nd loans just to buy shit and run up their credit cards now file for bankruptcy.  And these assclowns haven’t lost their jobs.  They simply wanted to live beyond their means and don’t understand the word “no” when it comes to purchasing and spending money they don’t have.

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