God Bless Amer…Socialism

Total long winded rant here – grab a tasty beverage.
So we now have NObama care passed… just barely.  It was hardly a land slide and bitch Nancy Pelosi fought tooth and nail and got the final votes she needed to be Obama’s lap dog.  That woman is so far up his ass it’s sickening.  It reminds me of the corporate world when you work with someone like that who is the biggest brown noser ever.  And it’s not even that they are a brown noser that is so bad, it’s the things they do to be the favorite, the most recognized and doing what ever it takes to climb the corporate ladder.  Back stabbing, lying, cheating, anything… and getting away with it.  These are the types of people that will stop at nothing to get what they achieve no matter how many people it hurts along the way.  It sickens me and that is what she is.
Twitter was blowing up like crazy last night with the comments going just non-stop about it.  Me included.  This is honestly a sad thing.  This bill sucks really, really, really bad and the way it was done was worse. 
Look, I’m all for revamping our current medical system, ALL of us are.  It needs some work and some tweaking – there is no doubt about that.  I’m all for stopping insurance companies from turning people down or dropping people with pre-existing conditions.  I’m all for better care and more efficiency.  I’m all for doing our best to make sure it is affordable for the average Joe out there.  But doing it this way is NOT the way.  Government run anything is NOT GOOD.  Period.  This bill sucks, it has many flaws and what floors me the most is all of these ass bag politicians have not even read this 2500 page document!!!!  No one has.  And these people are in office representing “the people” and knowing what’s best for us???  Yeah right.  No thank you.  They are not even letting us vote on it.  They are forcing something on all of us.  And if you don’t have coverage they will fine you for it.  The Government is forcing you to buy something against your will.  This is socialism.  This is control.  Of course none of them have to worry about their own health care, for one these ass bags are rich – especially people like Pelosi.  Plus they all get awesome benefits with their political positions and I think they get them for life too.
I just love how all the democrats keep saying over and over that Medical Insurance is a “right.”  That’s rich isn’t it??  Ummm…. no ass bags, it is NOT a right.  Medical Insurance is a product/service.   A product/service that you purchase.  Freedom is a right.  Not health care.  Health care wasn’t there in the caveman days.  It was something man made.
The solution to making health care coverage more affordable for people is creating COMPETITION!!!!!  What the govt should be doing is tweaking things… making it so that you can purchase any medical insurance you want from ANY STATE.  If you do that, then companies are no longer a monopoly and they have to drop their rates or add extras to get your business.  They compete for your business.  This is why you have free long distance today – because of MCI, the awesome company I worked for before it was destroyed by a jackass.  MCI broke up the telephone monopoly in the USA.  It started cheaper rates.  It started calling plans.  It started promotions.  It made collect calls damn cheap.  All of this led to major competition in the industry and long distance became soooooo much more affordable.  Then pretty soon, you didn’t have to rent your phone from ATT anymore either.  Then soon came cell phones and now free calling.  Competition did that.  Not the damn government coming in and taking over the phone company and forcing you to pay taxes on it and fining you if you didn’t have a phone.  Just think, if the govt did that, I guarantee you, we would not have cell phones today because the govt is a slow ass dinosaur that doesn’t move with the times.  Seriously think about that.  Health care is going to be shit and it’s going to bankrupt us.  Hawaii tried it and it failed in under a year.  MA is doing it and it’s breaking their state too.  Look how freaking tiny those states are and we are going to do this for the whole damn country??
Free healthcare for everyone eh?  To quote the line from Night at the Roxbury, “Are you seeing planes?  Is your name Tattoo?  Because I swear you are living on Fantasy Island!”  Oh it’s not free.  People will pay for it.  The people who work will have their taxes increased and so your net take home pay will shrink yet again in a shit economy.  And the insurance you do have with your employer?  Yeah that’s going to go up in cost – shrinking your paycheck again.  Double whammy.  Then that may even create everyone trying to move to the “free” healthcare.  How lovely that will be and that will break the system down completely, which is why Hawaii had to pull the plug.  You think waiting for an appointment or being seen in the emergency room is a long wait now?  Just wait till this thing is in it’s peak.  You will die in the emergency waiting room.  Just ask Canada about that one.  They have govt. run health care and their emergency room deaths rates are much higher than ours.  Yep.  Not to mention we are going to lose good doctors now.  My father was talking with his knee doctor the other day and she said if this thing passes a lot of doctors are going to quit.
We already have free healthcare.  That’s what I don’t get here.  Every state in the US has some sort of programs for those people not working or on welfare and who don’t have insurance.  Not only that but if you are really sick and go to an emergency room and don’t have insurance, they still have to treat you.  So I don’t get this crap.  We are already paying in our State taxes for these programs.
Then you have things like Medicare getting cut back in this.  So what is to become of our seniors currently relying on this now?  They are the demographic who need the most medical care right now.  My parents use Medicare.  They are lucky to also have Tricare but only because my father is retired Army.  But many out there don’t have that.  So we are going to rob Peter to pay Paul.  Typical democrat crap spending.
Then you had all these shady deals being made behind doors just to get votes.  These are the same people who have audacity to scream bloody murder at banks and other companies out there about ethics and shady deals and ripping people off.  Are you shitting me???  What lovely examples of cheating to get what you want.  Perfect example of do what I say and not what I do.
Here is some icing on the cake, this program won’t start for another four years.  Lovely for the new President who comes in office to get handed to him.  Because you just know the chosen one is going to be a one termer.  Four years.  So… does this mean we are going to be taxed on a program for four years before it is even in place??  Lovely.
I cannot believe we spent over a year with this garbage.  All these elected people working on this big fail when foreclosures are all around us and people losing jobs left and right and still cannot find work after two years.  Inflation happening and people going homeless.  Employment should have been the number one thing focused on and still should be.  Of course now that he has his precious loser lost cause bill signed, you’ll start to hear him go on about jobs.  Pft.  Day late and a dollar short.  This enrages me.
I seriously hope it was worth it to all the Dems who voted for this because come November I hope that America votes all of your asses out of your cushy offices.  Our forefathers who wrote the Constitution are all rolling in their graves right now. 
I’ll end it with just some of the comments on Twitter last night….
Somuchpain – For the first time in my life I am TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH MY COUNTRY
Conservativeind – I NEVER thought I’d see the day when ANYONE would CHEER the lose of FREEDOM in America
samuelisaac – RT @pamelagorman: Did the Dems really have a team cheer planned? Wow. That’s classy. (not) << and yelling “liar” on House floor the was?
BrentTeichman – 34 DEMS voted against it. That’s 34 DEMS who *may* keep their jobs in November.
JoeTheMailman – Democrats are in charge of our Country like it or NOT!.. They don’t give a crap about the Constitution,they have plans to change that too!
snarkandboobs – Look at them. LOOK at their faces. LISTEN to their cheers.And *never forget*; they are cheering trying to kill liberty.
Dayngr – Freedoms are stripped away a little at a time. This is what it looks like. Take note.
rightwingchick – I wonder how these guys can live with selling their souls and voting for this. What happened to representing the people?
nansen – I am embarrassed at the lack of decorum happening by Dems in Congress.
LisaMei62 – The Commies are cheering the death of Liberty
Thatcher – Aaand freedom is dead. Good night everybody!
snarkandboobs – *tears* That is all.
KatyinIndy – RT @sh007r1 40yrs libs been cryin ‘no govt can tell women what 2do w/her body NOW they want control over 300M bodies!!!
OwenS2 – Nothing good can come from this. Division, Hatred, Taxation, Socialism!!
OwenS2 – I can’t believe I have seen the day when US House members would CHEER the loss of FREEDOM & LIBERTY in America and BURN the Constitution!
keepthemhonest – RT @nikkibama: March 21, 2010 Happy Dependence Day America!!!!
kerpen – 219-178 Washington is in charge of your health care. Sad day.
johntandlich – December 7, 1941 – September 11, 2001 – March 21, 2010. Enough said.
snarkandboobs – Rest In Peace, Constitution.
iAndrewLee – Tonight our country’s Constitution was stepped on, ripped apart, and thrown away. These ‘representatives’ should be ashamed
Carydc – Just watched the Congress permanently wound American innovation and competitiveness. I want to cry for my children and scream for myself.
somethingfishie – Wow. Just, wow. I have no words.

One Response to “God Bless Amer…Socialism”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I am so thankful for the fellow patriots on Twitter. It helped to get through such a rotten moment for America by communicating with like-minded, freedom-loving folks. November 2010 and 2012 cannot come fast enough!!

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