Get Out!

I am sick to death of every single time I turn on the local news and seeing a bust of a home where they are hiding a bunch of illegals who have crossed our borders into Arizona as well as Texas and California.  It’s really out of control like never before and no one seems to do anything about it.
Seriously…. build a wall between us and Mexico that is 1000 feet high and goes 1000 feet below ground.  Make it have some voltage too where if you try to touch it, it shocks the living hell out of you.  Now THAT I would GLADLY fork out more taxes for! 

2 Responses to “Get Out!”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    Just wanted to drop a note that I’m still following your posts, and I’m saddened that you had to let go of your home and even your pet cat too.

    Weird how similar your circumstances were to my experience when I lost my home as well, only my cat was poisoned, so we never even had a chance to give her away.

    However, I’m in a much better place now than I was then, and I believe you will be too. Never give up! I hope your new job is going well too 🙂

  2. Martini Girl Says:


    Since I got the new job I’m making double (minus the benefits) now. So… I’m trying to keep the house now. I haven’t moved. I made my first Mortgage payment March 1st. We’ll see if I can make it now. Won’t know for sure for a few months to see how the expenses and pay pan out. I do have an interview for a trainer job so if that works out… then I’ll be in the clear for sure.

    Thanks for your kind words doll. I do still read your blog too but haven’t seen you tweeting at the times I do. I’ll have to get on IM and chat with ya soon.

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