Guilty Pleasures – Love Games

Gotta admit I like watching that trashy show the Bad Girls Club.  Each season is a train wreck and I can’t seem to turn away. 
But this year they did a spin off and picked 3 previous Bad Girls and made a show for the three of them to find love.  I think it starts our with like 13 guys competing.  So far, I’m getting a total kick out of this.
Guys are already puffing out their chests and having altercations.  Heh heh All that testosterone… God bless it.  Tonight the girls booted off the one who got into it with another dude – twice.  Those girls are dumb, I would have kept him.  It made him hot.  Is that wrong of me to feel that way?  *evil grin*
I have to admit, watching men get competitive and falling over themselves to impress girls is one of the cutest things that life has to offer.  They have to do these little competitions and one tonight was a cook off.  It’s cute to watch and I smile with affection when I witness men doing this kind of thing.  Can’t wait to see more.

2 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures – Love Games”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I watch BGC too, and until now I didn’t know anyone else who does. I watch a lot of reality TV, and BGC is by far the trashiest. It truly is a trainwreck, and though I can’t look away, it also saddens me how incredibly dysfunctional these younger generations are. Are you going to watch the upcoming season in Miami?

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Yes I’ll probably watch the new season.

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