A Famous Person Wants To Date Me

I get this email from a dude who lives in Tucson who travels to Phoenix a lot from my dating site.  He tells me he’s the real Forrest Gump as he did running and walking for causes across the U.S.  Well… Gump isn’t really based on him but one of his actual quotes was used in the running scenes in the movie.  I google him and sure enough, it’s true.  Some other movie was loosely based on him as well.  He also helped to initiate a bill that President Clinton signed.  Interesting.  Yes, it’s really him.
Sadly I’m not really all that attracted to him even though his email was decent.  I know that sounds shallow but I have to be attracted to the person otherwise there is just no chemistry and without chemistry it just won’t work.  He’s not real unattractive or anything, just not my type.  But then again some people do tend to look better in person.  Who knows.  Anything is possible I guess.  Maybe I’m just too picky and need to stop being that way.  Maybe I should just say the hell with it and go out on a date with him.

2 Responses to “A Famous Person Wants To Date Me”

  1. Barbi Says:

    JUST TRY IT OUT! You never know!

  2. Dennis Says:

    Can I call you Jenny?

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