Ahhhhh CHOO!

The longer I live in Arizona the more allergies I seem to get.  It has gotten to the point where it seems like all year now.  But spring?  Every year it gets worse.  I don’t know if it’s my body not being able to tolerate it that gets worse or that the crap growing in the valley is getting worse.  The symptoms always vary every year too.  One year it was being stuffed up.  Another year itchy nose.  Another year scratchy throat.  Another year my eyes burned like mad.  This year it is sneezing and running nose.
Now for the past few days I have been sneezing like mad.  My nose has been running.  What’s really annoying is taking something for it and it not helping.  That’s a first.  Usually if I take some sort of over the counter allergy meds it totally helps and my symptoms go away.  Not this time.  I go into crazy ass sneezing fits.  Once I have one sneeze, that’s it.  I’ll sneeze 100 times after that till I blow my nose.  Then 30 min later it starts all over again.
It must be allergies because last night, my cat’s eyes were watery and she had wet tear streaks under her tear ducts.  Good Lord.  You know it’s bad when your indoor cat is getting affected.

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