Remember Me Was Forgettable

So I was feeling bored and restless as hell and decided to go to the movies tonight by myself.  Of course it was a show I had to catch after 9pm and because of that, not a lot of films were still playing that late on a Sunday night so my choices were limited.  Why in the hell do they fill up half the screens with kid movies???  I’m all for kids and that but jeezus that pet dragon movie was on three screens alone.  Three screens????  Come on.  So… I had to settle on the film Remember Me.  Not a film that is getting rave reviews but the ones I wanted to see are either not out yet or stopped showing after 8pm and I really didn’t care to see Alice in Wonderland.
So… I head over to the AMC theatre at Westgate.  I totally forgot that the Wrestlemaina thing was over there and had just ended.  Lovely.  Nothing but traffic congestion and of course they blocked off the regular entrance to the movie theatre because of this event.  Then when I got there tons of people were still out and about and hanging around after the event.  All the restaurants and bars were packed.  Luckily no one was at the movies.
The movie was ok.  I was misled by the previews.  I thought it was going to focus more on a love story.  Yes there was a love story in there but it mostly focused on family drama.  It was a little slow.  All I did was sniffle and sneeze during the movie because I have allergies, a cold or a sinus infection – I can’t figure out which.  It doesn’t feel like a cold but rather really bad allergies.  Even though I have been taking over the counter allergy medicine, it doesnt’ seem to be doing anything which is odd.
After the film I figured the crowds would have died down.  I was wrong.  Still tons of people at Westgate.  Getting out was worse than getting in with the traffic.  The traffic lights are all timed for shit for an event.  They needed to have cops directing traffic like they do at the events down town.  I couldn’t get over how many people were still fucking around down there hours after the event at midnight on a Sunday night.  This is why I didn’t want that damn Cardinals stadium built on my side of town to begin with. 
In a different situation I would have been one of those people because I would have had tickets with someone.  Just another reminder that made me pissy about the whole thing.
I’m just a total crab tonight.

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