It Seems I’ve made Alan Colmes Blog…

Yes sports fans, I was not a happy camper after watching Alan Colmes on the Factor last night.  So I tweeted my dissatisfaction.  Colmes posted my tweet, along with others who felt the same way I did on his blog.  Well I’m glad it got your attention Colmes, ya tool.
I used to half way respect the dude.  I liked him back when he used to be on the Hannity and Colmes show on Fox.  Then he left and now O’Reilly is always bringing this guy on the Factor now as some sort of Fox contributor.  Frankly, I liked him better when it was Hannity and Colmes.  Of course I didn’t always agree with him because he indeed a liberal.  But I did like hearing his points on that show, once in awhile he had some good points.  But now…. ugh.
Well last night he was on and O’Reilly asked him why he thought people in this country were so angry.  His answer?  Racism.  Basically the right was racist.  And he was extremely passionate in that answer too.  That really fucked me off.  Big time.  I’m sick of hearing this bullshit excuse and what’s worse, it isn’t even close to being true.  I’m sick of people saying if you are a Republican you are racist!  Not only that but that is NOT why people in this country are pissed off.  People are pissed that the economy is in the toilet.  Continuous foreclosures, unemployment still on the rise and the Obama administration has done NOTHING about it except FORCE a half ass government run and extremely expensive health care bill that will bankrupt this country, force doctors and nurses to quit, break the system, tax the hell out of us and then on top of that FINE us for not having insurance.  THIS IS WHY WE ARE PISSED. 
It has NOTHING to do with race.  Nothing.  Nothing.  I don’t give a flying crap what color any of these people are.  I do however give a crap about government running my life, knowing my private health business, taking my money, punishing me if I don’t obey, not listening to the people who elected them and on top of that not even focusing on the real problems in this country right now.
Suddenly the left is saying the tea party people are doing hate crimes and yelling racial slurs, yet there is no proof.  Not one video or eye witnesses.  I’m not saying these things didn’t happen, but seriously do not take a few moon bat individuals and say it’s the whole right or the entire tea party group.  You have moon bats in every group and organization on ALL sides. 
What floors me is that the main stream media and the liberal talking heads said NOTHING when people had the likeness of Sarah Palin hanging from a noose on a house.  Or when people wrote books about assassinating George W. Bush or soldiers being spat on.  Where was the fucking outrage and coverage then?????  And we had proof.  Photos, statements, videos, books, etc.  Yet that’s not hate right?  That’s not violent right?
I’m sick of the double standard and the false accusations.  You people suck and I no longer am willing to ever hear your side.  Ever.  You people have ruined any chance of both parties ever trying to come together on anything.  Period.  Come election time, Conservatives and independents are going to eat your lunch.

5 Responses to “It Seems I’ve made Alan Colmes Blog…”

  1. Tracy Says:

    My response to those ridiculous charges is, “prove it.” Prove that an entire group of people who are fighting against the progressive agenda trying to control American lives are motivated by race. Once the haters fail to support their accusations (and they’ll fail at trying to prove it 100% of the time), then I happily tell them to shut their ignorant, lying pie hole.

  2. Leader Desslok Says:

    You can’t say “prove it anymore” because now the new standard is “You right wing folks need to prove that show boating black caucus members were never slurred” even with hundreds of video cameras showing it never happened.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    I already have some liberal ass who’s spitting his little factoids at me on Twitter who I’m sure found me via Alan’s blog.

  4. Dennis Says:

    The left can’t prove it. It is impossible to prove a negative. Their tactic is to allege something in the media and hope enough people are gullible enough to beleive it. The difference this time around is the people who are truly pissed off are the formerly “silent majority”. Many people now are seeing through the tactic.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    Such a shame too Dennis.

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