What I Love About Men

I have to say I’m loving that Love Games show.  What I like about it is watching the guys trying to do things to impress the girls with the challenges and having to use their creativity.  When a guy lets his guard down and can be sincere with a woman it shows.  When he does cute or funny things, it shows.  Even if he is willing to make a bit of a fool of himself, it shows too.  I love it.  When men do this it really is charming and has a lasting impression on a woman.  We like feeling special in your eyes.
I like the risk takers too.  The ones that don’t let things stop them from trying to get you.  They don’t let fear or others get in their way but not in an overly bullying way.  Aggressive but still a gentleman.  I love a man who can show, he’ll stop at nothing to be your number one.  Not all men are good at mastering that one but when they can pull it off, it’s very hot and again, makes us feel very special.  Sure turns my head.

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