Strange Way to Meet A Man But Not the Strangest

Some days back at work I was talking with a customer who ran into some customer service issues (we were not rude, it was a mix up on service he should have gotten) with our company and he wanted a discount on his next renewal.  My supervisor told me they don’t discount people’s contracts and the best he could do was give him a free service call should the next time he needed service.  The customer was very polite but insistent I look into it further.  So I sent it on.
A few days later I had a really crappy day at work.  It must have been a full moon because everyone who called in was a douche bag to me.  Seriously.  People were pissed off about something.  People were rude to me, nasty to me, impatient with me no matter how pleasant and accommodating I was trying to be.  I spent a good part of the day running around trying to follow up on shit for all of these shit heads.  Then I got a response about that one guy and I had to call him back and give him the bad news about not doing a discount on his renewal.  I was dreading it because of the day I had.
When I called him he was polite and calm about it but said it’s too bad my company was going to lose a customer over it.  By this time, of course I was worn out and really wasn’t even trying to be bubbly.  He sensed it.  He began to joke with me a bit.  I was quiet.  Then he started getting personal and asking what was wrong.  I said “nothing, just tough day.”  He asked if it was the kids and then followed it with do you have kids?  For some reason that just made it worse and I knew that if I didn’t end the call I was going to start crying.  My voice broke off a bit as I tried to end the call.  He kept on pressing me and asking what was wrong.  I finally managed to spit out, “thanks for calling (company name) and have a good day.”  then disconnected the call.
My company monitors/records our calls so I had to do that, plus I don’t want to cry at work of all places.  Plus I’m not going to tell a customer what’s wrong.  It’s unprofessional and kind of weird.  He was my last call of the day and I went home.  Later that night I felt bad.  Why I don’t know.  Just bad that he was trying to be nice and I had to end the call that way.
The next day at work was WAY more pleasant.  Every caller was nice and pleasant and friendly.  Everything was smooth.  The next way was the same.  All nice people.  Then late afternoon one of my co-workers called my extension and said he had a transfer for me for a customer who specifically asked for me.  When I took the call it was that customer.  He asked how I was doing and if it was a good day.  Of course I said yes and I thanked him for that.  He tried asking me again what was up but I told him my calls are recorded and I really couldn’t discuss non business on the phone.  He understood and said, “Well I’m glad you are having a better day, take care.”
I sat there during a slow time after that and thought about calling the guy back from my personal phone.  I was going to apologize if I seemed unprofessional and thank him for his call.  I seriously thought about it.  Why I don’t know.  I had his number.  I decided against it.
So then today, another pretty good day.  I was in a nice mood.  Then a girl from the service department calls me and tells me she has a customer on the other line who wanted to speak with me.  She said she didn’t have the account information or his name because he refused to give it to her and said he wanted to speak with me only.  When he came on the line, I have to admit I smiled.  He then says to me, “Can I still take you up on that free service call credit after all?”  I told him he’d have to renew his contract to get it.  He said, “Oh I just renewed it earlier.”  Little stinker!  I look up the account and sure enough he did.  So I told him that I would let my supervisor know.  Then he asked if I was having a good day and I said yes and laughed.  This will sound corny but I started giggling.  He asked what I was laughing at and I told him, “I was thinking about you the other day”  and he was like, “oh really?”  I told him I wanted to say thanks.  Then he said, “You have my phone number, call me.” 
When I hung up the phone I was laughing.  My female co-worker sitting next to me was like, “What was that?  What is this ‘I thought about you the other day’ business??”  and I started laughing harder.  I couldn’t stop.  She started laughing too and said, “you need to tell me!”  I did and she was all “Wow, that dude is TOTALLY flirting with you and him renewing was just a way to talk to you again.”  I laughed.  She kept asking me, “Are you going to call him??”  I just laughed every time she asked that.
So now that I’ve dragged this all out for my few readers… yes I did call him.  Yes he is long distance in Texas.  Why?  Who the hell knows.  Because at my age now, I don’t give a flying crap how things look anymore.  We talked for an hour.  He seemed very nice and very interested in me.
Don’t get your hopes up just yet readers, I can tell he is married.  He didn’t volunteer it and nor did I ask but I can tell he is.  Most men who own homes are married let’s face it.  I could just tell.  Men who behave themselves with women and very careful to be gentlemen are married.  I am experienced enough to tell and there is no doubt in my mind he is married.
At the end of the call he gave me another number to call to stay in touch which was his work cell phone (yep, another clue) and then his email address.  He said he is curious to put a face with the voice.  I just bet he is.  But yeah…. just my luck, someone who is not only long distance but married.  *sigh*  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  The New Yorker asked me out again and he’s single, local, cute and so I’ll keep in that direction.

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