What Does It Take To Get A Haircut In This Town??

I colored my hair early this morning because I really needed to.  Sadly my hair has been pretty damaged ever since I started coloring it on a regular basis but I have to, I’m starting to get, dare I say it?  Gray hair.  The moment I started seeing like 5 and 6 gray hairs in my late 30’s, that was it.  Now my hair is fried.
So… looking at my hair today I decided I really needed a haircut too.  Especially since I have an interview coming up this week at my place of work.  Nothing real dramatic, just getting the ends trimmed up and putting a small bit of layers in my hair.  I figured it would make it a little healthier and give it some shape.
I head out around 4pm and I kid you not, I stopped at seven places.  Seven.  And either these places closed at 4pm, went out of business, closed on Mondays, the hair dressers left early, or the places were just flat out closed even though the hours painted on the window clearly stated they should be open according to the day and time it was.  Geezus crimminy!  What the hell does a girl gotta do to get her freaking hair cut???  I mean really?  4pm?  What about the people who get off work at 5pm?  Hair salons used to stay open till 6 or 7 pm.
Finally on stop number eight I went to Beauty Brands because one, I remembered they had a salon within the shop itself and two, I had been meaning to go in there this week because they are having a major hair spray sale.  All brands (or I think all brands) of hair spray for only $6.98 a can.  Sure enough their salon was still open and a nice young lady took me in right away.  She did a good job too.  The cut was only $25 and that floored me.  Usually women’s hair cuts are more expensive.  Then I bought two nail polishes and two big cans of Big Sexy Hair spray for $6.98 ea – Score.  That stuff usually retails for $17 a can.  Yes, no joke.  I hear it’s a really good hair spray but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to pay in the double digits for friggin hair spray. 
Some woman in line before me bought 12 cans of it (that was the limit on the sale).  What a douche bag.  I hate people like that.  Do you really have to be that greedy?  Are you selling that stuff on ebay for $14 a can?  Are you really buying all those for yourself?  I seriously hate people like that.  It’s like those people that go in the grocery store when there is a sale on the Weight Watcher’s TV dinners or something and some douche comes in there right before you go to grab one and they take them ALL and put them in their cart, leaving none on the shelf.  People like that need their ass kicked in my opinion.
My hair feels so soft right now, I love it.  I’m glad I didn’t give up and stopped there.  It was also nice to spend some money on myself.

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