Showing A Girl A Good Time

I had a date tonight with the New Yorker.  It’s been awhile since we had one and this was our third.  He had to cancel twice before we finally went on this one and I was about to write him off.  The first time he cancelled because he had car trouble and the 2nd time he had a last min work thing and had to leave town.  I was wondering if he was full of it but he was so apologetic the last time and swore he’d make it up to me.  And he did indeed.
He took me to dinner at the Yard House – which is one of my favorites.  Then we walked over to the movie theatre and saw the new Clash of the Titans in 3D.  It was ok, the original one is still better in my book.  Then after wards he still wanted to hang out with me and even though I had an early overtime morning the next day, I said yes.  It was actually nice because since it was Sunday there was hardly a crowd at all which I liked.  We headed back to the Yard House and sat on the patio to just talk and have a drink.  The temperature was awesome and it’s so pretty at West Gate so the atmosphere was super nice.
He was being super sweet and a gentleman.  He was making me laugh quite a bit too.  He insisted on paying for everything and would not let me pay for anything no matter how much I tried.  I even tried to be sly and pay for the drinks without him knowing it and he caught me and then told the server not to accept my money.
He walked me to my car and we talked for a bit.  Then he kissed me.  We actually kissed for a bit and I have to say my knees got a little weak.  I have a smile on my face but I’m seriously going to be paying for it dearly when I have to get my ass up at 4:30 am!!!!!  That’s in four hours.  I’m going to be dead.  But at least I’ll get off at 10 am and be home by 10:30 in morning.

3 Responses to “Showing A Girl A Good Time”

  1. cindy Says:

    Sounds like he might be for real. Rare these days. Sorry I have been MIA lately but my laptop is toast and I have been unable to find a decent computer place to take it to. And Dennis’ desktop is realllllly slooooow.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I was wondering where you ran off too. I thought maybe the two of you headed off to live in Canada in fustration of Obama-ness. lol

  3. cindy Says:

    I don’t believe Canada would be an improvement…maybe Mexico…since they’re all here might be pretty quiet down there…

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