Duck Tales (with pictures!)

I think some days ago I had tweeted how some of the ducks from the lake have been making appearances on my street lately.  It’s a sweet looking couple.  They keep showing up at the house next to mine in the mornings when I leave for work and this morning one of the geese were there too.  Weird.
Well now this couple is swinging by in the afternoons now.  I pull in my driveway and there they were.  Well… I remembered I had my camera in my purse so I bust it out and take a shot.  Those dudes noticed me and starting coming towards me.  They weren’t shy at all.  They followed my ass all the way to my front door.  At one point those little buggers were going to try and walk IN my house when I left the door open briefly to go and get them some bread. 
I threw some bits of bread out there.  Then I closed the door and not long after, Lola sat at the screen door and watched those quackers trying to figure them out. 
I love that it is a couple.  I love that they have gone out of their comfort zone and broken away from the pack.  Makes me think of a young couple out on adventures together.  heh.
I spy the duckies and snap a pick.
They see me and say, “Hey!!!  A new chick!  Let’s beg for food.”  They actually started running towards me.
They totally follow me.
All the way to the front door.  “Hey pretty lady, give us some food.”
Lola, “What the hell??  We’re having duck for dinner?  Suweet.”

One Response to “Duck Tales (with pictures!)”

  1. Liz Says:

    That’s adorable!

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