Wonder If That Will Hurt My Quality Score

So I get another flirty caller on my phone at work today.  He had a sexy accent that I couldn’t quite place at first.  It wasn’t Aussie, it wasn’t quite British but it had some of that in it.  Turns out he was born in South Africa (so kinda like that Leo DiCapprio thang in Blood Diamond).  Travels quite a bit to London for work.  Has a big ass house in Malibu, CA.  And he happened to mention he is single.  He calls to renew his contract.
We take care of business and when I asked if he wanted to pay monthly or in full for the year he said, “Oh I’m paying for the full year darling, it’s tax time so I’m just going to go crazy and spend a lot of money.”  I grinned and said playfully, “Well if that is the case, you can always come here to Arizona and continue that trend for me.”  He started laughing and said, “That could be arranged.”  I laughed back and said, “I’m game.”  We both were laughing.  Then he started asking me where I was in Arizona and how long I had been working for the company.  I gave him a short version of Phoenix, not long at the job and what I “really” did for a living but may get a Trainer position – still waiting for any word on it.
He told me how he used to come to Arizona a lot at one time for his work.  He was making me laugh so hard when he said he went to Jerome, AZ one day and how all the hippies moved there back in the day and had children and so now it full of shall we say… interesting nutters.  He kept telling me I should take a weekend and go up there to get an eyeful and a good laugh.  I couldn’t stop laughing and he was too.  I asked him if he was surrounded by the scent of patchouli and he laughed harder.
Finally as I was closing up with my mandatory follow through I started to give him one of the 800 numbers and he interrupted and said, “Are you going to give me your number Martini Girl?”  I replied with, “Funny that you ask that Clive…*he starts laughing* my extension is xxxx”  And yes, it’s mandatory to give out our extension.  I told him, “You better hurry and get in touch with me soon, I may get promoted to Trainer and not have this extension anymore.”  His response, “Oh I’ll find you even if you become a trainer.”  I have to say, I LOVE men with that kind of sass and confidence.  Rawr.
When I hung up the phone to type notes in the account I couldn’t stop smiling and even giggling.  Then one of the leads who overheard my end of the convo, “Ok Martini Girl, setting up dates with the customers now??”  I laughed really hard and tried to play innocent.  “What?  Can I help it men find me charming?”  He gave me a smile and was all, “mmm hmmm.”  and then asked, “Did he pay in full or monthly?”  “In full” I smirked and he said, “oh good girl.”  I laughed.  Then the girl co-worker next to me was all, “Dang woman, you and these men wanting your number and wanting you to call them!”  I just replied with a smile, “I’m cool like that, I can bring out the best in men.”  She shook her head and laughed.

One Response to “Wonder If That Will Hurt My Quality Score”

  1. Liz Says:

    You go girl. You never know. Of course you are charming and bring out the best in men! Which makes me wonder why no one has snapped you up yet. I just don’t get it.

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