Let The River Run – I’M A WORKING GIRL!

Well it only took 2 years, 5 months and 19 days to finally get a professional training job again.  The good news is that it’s a professional trainer position in a company that is reputable, full time, full benefits, M-F and only 15 min from my house (that’s a miracle in Phoenix).  The down side is the salary is a lot less than what I was expecting.  When I first went for the Trainer job to begin with months ago, the recruiter told me my asking salary was in line with a senior trainer role.  Now that they didn’t hire me the first time, brought me in as a rep and now promoting me to a trainer job, it’s a way different story!  I have to be honest and say that pisses me off.  We are talking a 24k difference. 
*** negative rant side track ***
It comes out to a few more dollars an hour raise to a professional position from the phones.  I know I should not be picky and thank my lucky stars to the high heavens but that really chapped my ass.  I was stunned when she told me.  Stunned.  It’s the same salary I was making as a starting trainer in 1993 and I made bonus on top of that.  Nice to see the Trainer salary hasn’t gone up in 17 years.  Real nice.  This economy has everyone by the short hairs.  These employers know it too.  They know the desperation out there and know you’ll just have to take it and like it or they’ll get someone else.  I will take this promotion, but I will still be looking on the side thank you very much.  So not only is the housing market total crap value now, so are jobs.  How very, very sad this is.
*** now back to the positive ***
Anyway, it’s a good thing.  I’ll be able to keep my home.  I needed the extra boost in pay because I’ll start paying on my new used car next month, plus now they are taking benefits out now.  I’ll be training new hires.  Normally, I’d be managing the trainers but I’m thankful I can at least put a professional title back on the resume now.  I won’t starve.  I’ll be able to pay my bills.  I’m employed.  I’m very thankful for that.  It’s all a step in the right direction.  I am happy, I really am.  I was just not prepared for such a low salary and it stunned me.  Other’s had gone for the job who were just as qualified but I got the offer.  Others in the office were rooting for me.  It’s all a very, very good thing.
I had to fight like hell to get where I am.  I had to freaking convince these people when they hired someone else (who has no experience in classroom training I might add) for the first trainer position to even hire me as a rep on the phones to get my foot in the door.  I seriously fought like hell.  It paid off.  I’m on my way back and I barely made it.  Barely.  I was a mere inches away from calling the bank and having to walk away from the house – the only thing I had left.  But I made it.  I did it.  For some reason I have this urge to bawl like a baby.  Release of two and a half years of the biggest struggles I have ever gone through I guess.
I’ll be blipping work related songs today in celebration and the first one…. Let the River Run by Carly Simon from the movie Working Girl.  Yep… that’s me. 

5 Responses to “Let The River Run – I’M A WORKING GIRL!”

  1. Barbi Says:

    AWESOME!!!!!! I am so happy for you. The salary will raise when they know what a rad employee they have. Working toward our European vacation together!! WOOHOO! (Or even Vegas!!!)

  2. Liz Says:

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you girl! You have had one hell of a journey. This is going to be your year, I can feel it. All the bad luck is gone and I think you are going to really get everything you want. You deserve it so much. You are such a great person.

  3. Tracy Says:

    YES! CONGRATS! Now, trust me on this, do NOT dwell on the lower salary amount. Don’t do it. Let that mess go. It’ll only distract you and haunt you and keep you feeling negative which is absolutely no benefit to you. Keep focusing on doing a kick ass job and feeling grateful and the salary issue will get worked out. 🙂

  4. Barbi Says:

    hey wheres my comment? I must not have submitted it! Congratulations my friend! Im so proud of you for sticking it out. It has been a tough couple of years huh? We are gearing up for our trip of a lifetime!!! I cant wait!!!! I love you girl and I am very proud of the way you pushed on through all of the crap. You certainly are tough! YOU DID IT!!!! big hugs my friend!

  5. Barbi Says:

    Well now there are 2 comments from me….. it was there all along. The second one was better anyway!

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