Hags Always Seem to be Allergic To Cool Women Like Me

Today at work we had all moved to new seats because we are expanding.  Since my supervisor didn’t put me down for a new seat since I’ll be leaving the department he told me to just sit in one of the empty seats assigned to one of the new hires that will be joining the team later.  So I sit next to this older woman who shall we say is the negative Nelly on the team.  Always has something to bitch about.
Later my supervisor sends me an email to come over to his desk.  He pulled me off to the side, pulls me close so no one could overhear and says how she told him the perfume I’m wearing is giving her an allergic reaction.  You could tell he felt uneasy telling me this and kind of embarrassed.  He said, “she’s always whining about something but would you mind moving to another computer?”  I chuckled.  I told him, yeah no problem.  He said, “Sorry.  Personally, I think it smells nice.”  I told him no worries at all.  I wasn’t offended in the least.  I thought it was funny.  But… some people are allergic to perfumes, lotions or colognes, so I can understand it and moved.
A little later I get another email from my supervisor being humorous that read, “I can still smell you!”  I totally laughed and sent him “LOL” in response.  Later he told me thanks for being a good sport.
**side note – no I didn’t shower in perfume.  Just to be sure I asked another co-worker sitting next to me if she could smell it and she had to lean in close to me before she could even smell it.  Then she complimented me on the scent.  lol

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