Haven’t Even Started and I’m Knocking The Socks Off Him

I don’t start my new trainer position until Monday so I’m still on the phones.  In fact they still haven’t announced it yet – they seem to really drag their feet on this process.  Anyway… the other day the manager I’ll be reporting to had me go in his office along with my supervisor.  He basically was giving me his vision with the trainer role and how it plays into the sales floor, employees, company vision yadda, yadda, yadda.
At one point he started giving me his impressions of me and my presentation when I interviewed.  He was saying, and I quote, “I didn’t expect the presentation you gave.  It took me by surprise.  That’s a good thing by the way.  It showed me that you are passionate, fun, outgoing and professional.”
Yeah, that was my “HR walking nightmare” (to quote Vox) Kiss presentation he was talking about.
Then he gave me a “homework” assignment and asked me to put together some ideas of how we can do some employee development training together to get some employees ready to step in leadership roles.  I thought, oh crap, just a few hours at home to slap something together.  I’m a total creator and perfectionist when it comes to stuff like this and a good week would have been better.  But… I knew it was some sort of test to see what I could whip up on the fly for him.  Because at this point they had not officially given me the offer… yet.
I just didn’t have the time I wanted to really put my dazzle in it but oh well.  I made my outline of ideas/topics and put it in a very simple PowerPoint with no frills.  The next day I brought a few copies into his office and my supervisor and the other supervisor was there as well.  They all ooed and ahhhed.  The manager said, “This was more than I expected.  I didn’t expect this.  This is good.”  It was then he officially offered me the job, we talked about ourselves and he enthusiastically shook my hand and I told him I was looking forward to working with him.  He smiled big and said he was too.
I can tell this guy will be hard core.  He’s a driver.  He’s had a lot of success in turning teams around and increasing productivity in his past jobs.  I know I’ll work my butt off but that’s ok.  I like being a part of creating things and making those processes and other people successful in their jobs.
When I was leaving for the day both my supervisor and soon to be new manager were standing in the isle talking.  I walked up and said good evening to them and they both smiled big and were all like, “Hey!  Ready for your new role?”  and other things like that.  Nice to be around professionals and bosses who light up when you walk up.  This morning my supervisor told me I was going to be awesome in the role.  It’s really nice when people see past things and see your real self and your worth.

One Response to “Haven’t Even Started and I’m Knocking The Socks Off Him”

  1. cindy Says:

    Hooray! I’m so happy for you! Woo hoo!

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