My First Unpleasant Russell Experience

I went and saw Robin Hood the other night.  Even though I love Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchet and Ridley Scott… the movie was boring.  Russell looked good but the movie dragged and was quite honestly dull.  It was forgettable.
On top of that the movie theatre was a friggin igloo!!!!  Dude seriously?  Must you have it below zero in a near empty theatre.  And I’m fat too!  So you know it was cold.  AND I was even wearing a blazer!
On top of that this really young couple (they looked 19) came in late and plopped down in the row in front of me and one of them stank.  I mean REALLY stank of nasty body funk.  I’m pretty sure it was the dude.  Memo to those of you who don’t shower and can’t smell yourself and think that others can’t either, we CAN.  Take a shower!  Use hot soapy water.  I got up and moved two rows back and I could still smell that fucker every time the igloo machine kicked on.

Dear PMS,

Martini Girl

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Time… Oh How It Ticks Away

In the last few years I have been fascinated by the concept of time. 
At one point, before I got laid off, I was thinking about a particular wall in my living room and how I wanted to decorate it.  I have vaulted ceilings so two of my walls are huge and roomy.  I was planning on painting the room and thinking of a decorating theme.  For some reason I kept going back to a “time” theme.  I couldn’t shake it.  I had this idea of putting up various types of clocks on the wall and on the mini shelves.  Different colors, sizes, styles. 
I got the idea from a decorating magazine and it honestly was really neat.  I couldn’t get rid of the idea.  I even thought of stenciling a cool quote or two on the wall about time to go with it.  I was also planning some great photos of me, family and friends in various pretty picture frames on the shelves too.
Of course I never got to re-do my living room and the walls are still bare and unpainted.  This is due to the lay off and time being unemployed.  I still plan to finish it sooner or later if I can make a decent paycheck again.  Maybe next years tax return.  I already have quite a few of the knick knacks to hang, waiting in the closet.
I’m still fascinated by time and for some reason it is seriously mocking me these days.  I have just started paying attention again and I feel as if I have wasted a lot of it.  I look at what has happened to my career, achievements (or lack there of), my education, my weight, my singleness, dating, how lack of finances has stopped things for me and everything else under the sun. 
I hear a constant ticking in my ear lately and it seems to get louder.  Maybe that is why I have felt anxiety lately.  All I know is I am feeling some urgency and time to start looking at things more closely.  Maybe I shouldn’t wait to decorate that wall.  I should get it done so that I have that reminder that we shouldn’t put things off, that we should do them now.  The quotes below are really good as we always seem to put off the best life for ourselves.

Sleazy Cougar Films With Good Tunes From the 80’s

It’s always kind of funny when you are doing a search for something on the internet only to find something else you forgot about.
I was looking for the movie Made in Heaven (which I love) and ended up finding A Night in Heaven.  heh heh  Remember that priceless piece of Cinema from 1983?  It starred Christopher Atkins and Leslie Ann Warren in a hot “cougar” type story.  A married college professor goes out one night and is surprised to see her student on stage at the male strip club… take it from there. 
I even forgot about the cool song that is playing in the movie.  I could never remember who sang it or what it was called and forgot all about it till now.  “Like What You See” (right up your alley Rambo) Very cool song.  Good music and lyrics.  Didn’t that guy do the Miami Vice music in the 80’s too?  I believe the song “Obsession” was the original in the film before it was re-recorded by Animotion as the commercial hit we know today.  Even the opening credits are cool with Bryan Adams song “Heaven” playing.  Good songs – sersiously surprised I never owned the sountrack.
I was laughing at someone’s comment on one of the clips that read, “Hollywood seems to have lost its knack for making primo sleaze like this.”  Nice.  I have to admit the strip scene where he kisses her is hot as hell.  Nice fantasy indeed.  Gotta say the Chris looks niiiice too. 
Funny to me that “cougar” themes is all the rage today when in the 80’s they were in a lot of movies like this one, My Tutor, White Palace, A Tiger’s Tale and Class.  I know there are more but I can’t think of all of them.
I wish I still had my Netflix membership so I can get cheesy and raunchy films like this to watch.  If anyone would have this one, it would be Netflix.

Gimmie Some Shave Ice Bra

One of my friends from when I knew in Hawaii was saying on her Fake FaceBook how she was missing shave ice in Hawaii.  I do miss that as well.  These are pretty big over there – lots of little Hawaii Shave Ice stands around. 
My boyfriend, our friends and I always used to get one after a day at the beach at the famous North Shore.  Totally cute beachy town (Haleiwa) by that BEAUTIFUL beach.  I loved getting the rainbow color/flavored one and you could even get them with ice cream at the bottom of the paper cone.  They were always huge and they served them with a scooper and a straw.  They always hit the spot after spending all day on the North Shore beach.
I know you are tempted to correct me in saying it should be “shaved” ice.  For some reason, in Hawaii it’s shave ice.  They make no sense over there.  They have a sign when you are coming to the end of the freeway that reads “End Freeway” and I always thought it should have read “Freeway Ends.” 
I miss Hawaii shave ice!!!  I miss Hawaii.  I SERIOUSLY miss Hawaii.

Nancy Drew – The Case of the Creepy Footprints

I got bumble bees again.  *sigh* they keep re-invading my sprinkler box every spring.  You just can’t make them stop because of the scent, they are drawn to it once bees have been there.
So, I went and got some poison – this time I got some sort of powder poison and just sprinkle it around the hole they are entering and leaving from.  It worked.  The next day no bees were around.  I sprinkled the entire sprinkler box on the ground with the white powder.  I went for over kill so that it would keep all bees from coming back this season, it doesn’t rain so the powder will last.
The other morning I was leaving out my front door and I noticed white foot prints on the pathway that went across in the direction of cutting across my yard.  Uhhhh…. why would someone step on my powdered covered sprinkler box way in the corner between two walls?  The sprinkler box is in front of my dining room windows.  The footprints are big man boot soles.  Could someone have stepped on this on accident as they were trying to look through my blinds?  I have no idea.  But that creeps me out.
I would think maybe someone was stealing water and used my water hose, but the hose was undisturbed.
So you see where it’s located way in the corner.  You can see the white footprints on the walkway, but you probably can’t see them in this picture like I can.