***Caution – major cussing, ranting and to some… racist comments.
I get more and more and more riled at everything going on in this country right now and this administration.  I’m pissed at a lot of things but I must say, I am getting really sick and tired of the “racist” card CONSTANTLY being played at every turn.  The mainstream media is frigging out of control with their spinning and misleading the American public.  They know exactly what they are doing and they love it.  They just love it.
This thing with the Illegal Immigration law in Arizona is fucking ridiculous.  The media has blown this way, way, WAY out of control.  Spreading lies and panic and making a huge mountain out of a hill.  Saying it’s racist and we are not giving people rights.  And for what?  Because the new Governor of AZ is a Republican?  Because someone finally had the balls to do something to protect our state?  Our country?  Arizona is broke!!!!  No thanks to every democrat that out spends on everything, including that piece of shit that now sits in the position of Homeland Security!  No thanks to every Tom, Dick and Harry who moved here.  No thanks to greedy investors who were part of the real estate mess we are in right now.  No thanks to the illegals coming here and living off of the state and bringing our crime rates up.  I could go on an on.  Our crime rate is up.  Kidnapping and drugs are up.  Our unemployment is up.  Our foreclosures are up.  Our kids education has gone way, way down.  That is a shame – our schools used to be awesome and now they suck.  Hmmm…. maybe the classes fall behind due to teachers having to try and catch up illegal children in the schools who CAN’T SPEAK ENGLISH and bringing in their whooping cough.  I left El Paso, TX for a reason.  And now I see AZ turning into that.
A well known and admired Rancher in the Arizona community gets murdered on his own property by an illegal alien who fled on foot back to Mexico and where is the god dammed outrage????  But yet we have outrage for saying if you are illegal you are breaking the law!  We say that police have a right to do their job and if you are pulled over for speeding or a broken tail light or expired tags on your car, they have the right to investigate if you are an American citizen if they have suspicion.  Even if you are white, they can still do the same thing if you are an illegal from Canada.  And this is racist.  This means you have no rights.  Give me a break.  Well if you are illegal then YES YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS HEREl!!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN.  GET OUT.  We have every right to do this.  Other countries around the world are way more strict on who they let in their country – that is no joke.  Yet where are the news stories and outrage on these racist countries??????
Then we have people who come to this country and take the time, patience and cost it takes to become a legal citizen.  This is such a slap in the face to those immigrants who have come to this country and have done it the right way.
If you are Hispanic and a LEGAL resident, then what is the fucking problem?  Yes, if you have a broken tail light and get pulled over, there is a chance that the cop will ask for proof of citizenship.  So… show him.  I’m sure once he sees who you are, he’ll simply write you a ticket for the tail light and tell you to have a nice day, drive safe and send you on your way.  I’m white and I’ve gotten pulled over.  I still have to show proof of insurance, registration and my driver’s license.  So does everyone.
Yet everyone comes down on our Governor.  After that murder of the rancher, people had enough and she did something about it.  The Feds haven’t done shit.  Our previous Governor Janet Napanatano didn’t do jack and let me tell you something, since I have lived here, the Hispanic population has exploded in the last 10 years – it is VERY noticeable.  And that piece of crap is now in charge of Homeland Security??????  Yeah, we’ve now had 3 terrorist attacks on her watch.  The Christmas airplane bomber, The Fort Hood nut and now this ass fucker in NY – who by the way was an illegal who married a woman on the sly to be a citizen.  All Muslim.  Where is the outrage???
If we are so racist then why try to come and live here then?  Take your illegal ass up north and sneak into Canada’s border.  Go live there.  I’d like to see how they would handle all these illegal bastards invading their country and refusing to speak French.  Go celebrate your Cinco de Mayo there.  I’m sure that will go over well with the Frenchies.
Then people are saying boycott Arizona.  Good.  Go ahead.  I won’t shed a tear.  Maybe then that will free up traffic, my wait for a table at a restaurant and so on.  Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.  And take all the illegal non-English speaking Mexicans with you.  You take care of them and let them live with you.  Bring with them, their drugs, their disease, their crimes and all the trash they throw on the ground.
Then you have five high school students who wore American flag t-shirts and bandanas on Cinco De Mayo and the vice principle (who is Mexican) sent them home to change their clothes but the Mexican students who wore Mexican flag clothing got to stay in school and didn’t have to change their shirts.  What???????  This is bullshit.  If you are going to make students change their American flag shirts then the other kids have to as well!  Or none of them. 
Then you have the media sympathizing with that asshole who tried to bomb NYC just recently.  Really?  We are suppose to feel sorry for an asshole who married someone just to be a citizen, quit his job, didn’t pay his mortgages but had money to fly to middle eastern countries 13 times who wanted to blow up Americans?  Really?  We are suppose to feel sorry for him?  All because he’s a Muslim and we don’t want to “offend” Muslims or call anyone terrorists.  Makes my head fucking spin to know that if it was a Tea Party person who did that how the media would be blowing that up and having so much outrage.
And the Phoenix Suns can go and fuck off too.  How about we boycott them.  What assholes.  An email got sent to us at work today saying that our company has connections and we can get rocking seats for the Suns for $35 and to email back if we were interested.  Pfft.  I wouldn’t go to a Suns game if it were free.
People are murdering our citizens.  Robbing them.  Kidnapping them.  Home invasions.  Bombing us.  Committing numerous crimes.  Murder.  Murder.  Murder.  Yet no outrage.  Just another story on the 10 o’clock news right?   And there is outrage and protests because you have to show fucking ID??????????????????????  COME ON!!!!

3 Responses to “FED UP”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Ai I understand it, the police cannot question someone’s status unless they have probable cause…….Does Cinco de Mayo count?

  2. cindy Says:

    Yeah the bleeding lefties … We as a country can’t even declare a national language because what we might offend!?

    It’s not like we’re getting their best & brightest…

    It would be one thing if they even wanted to be Americans to assimilate but they don ‘t.

    I’d much prefer 10 zillion asian. They at least come here to work hard, learn the language and realize the value of an education. They still celebrate their roots but don’t rub it in our faces. Nor expect us to provide translators.

    And what about Mexico’s illegal immigration tactics and policies? At least we’re not gunning them down in the streets like animals!

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Dennis – lol

    Cindy – Crazy isn’t i?

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